Piercey, Parsons Both Look to Opposite Gameplans to Bring Home Title at Havoc FC 14

It’s your classic striker versus wrestler battle.

Lethbridge’s Evan Piercey (3-2) will tangle with Brooks’ Mike Parson’s (4-2) to determine the new owner of the Havoc FC amateur lightweight title on Friday night at Havoc FC 14 in Red Deer, Alta.

Backed by all three of his wins coming by way of knockout, Piercey, 29, said there’s no questioning where he will have a distinct advantage over Parsons.

Evan Piercey
Evan Piercey lands a hard right hand Robert Noble in their bout at Rumble in the Cage 62. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“I have the edge 100 per cent in the striking and that’s why I’m 100 per cent sure he’s going to try and wrestle me,” said Piercey in an interview with MMA Empire.

“When we get in there and we start, within the first minute I guarantee he’s going to try and shoot.”

Parsons said he’s fully aware of the dangers Piercey poses with his striking after seeing him fight live at Rumble in the Cage 62, but said he also knows how much stronger he’ll be on the ground than Piercey.

With both he and Piercey looking to utilize their strengths in this fight, Parsons said the winner will be determined by who can execute their gameplan the most consistently.

“Whoever’s able to remain the most calm in there and stick to their gameplan is going to come out on top,” said Parsons in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I pretty much know their gameplan; if I was to fight myself, I would know what to do against me. Gameplan-wise, I see some openings and I know what I have to do to beat him.”

Piercey Not Just a Striker

This will be Piercey’s first title fight of his career, which is an experience he wanted to have before making the jump to the professional ranks.

And while the belt would look nice around his waist, Piercey said one of the main reasons he wanted to fight Parsons was to prove he’s more than just a striker.

“Everyone always looks at me as just a striker. I took this fight because Parsons is known for his wrestling,” said Piercey.

“I took the fight just to get in there with a wrestler. That’s what he likes to do. He’s a strong wrestler, so now we have the striker versus wrestler, and we’re going to see which one comes out and top. And that’s what had me excited.”

With this being his first title fight, this also means the potential for Piercey to fight five rounds for the first time in his career.

And while he’s been preparing and is ready to fight five rounds, Piercey said he’s not expecting the judges to be needed in this one.

“I’m confident going five rounds, but I can’t see the fight going five rounds because I really don’t like going to the judges,” said Piercey.

“One of us is going to walk away with the finish. I obviously believe it’s going to be me or I wouldn’t have taken the fight.”

Parsons Believes Piercey Ready For Test

Up until Friday night’s matchup, the most experienced opponent Piercey has faced in his career was Connor Krebs at 1-1, making Parsons his stiffest and most experienced challenge to date.

Although he will be Piercey’s toughest test of his career, Parsons, 40, said he doesn’t feel Piercey will have a hard time transitioning to the next level of opponent.

Mike Parsons
Mike Parsons in action against Tye Mcentire on day two of the 2018 Canadian National Amateur Championships. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“Usually I would say it might be a big factor, but I know who he trains with down at CMC on the regular and I know I’m nothing he hasn’t already trained and sparred with,” said Parsons.

“I think he’ll be ready for me, for the most part, but I’m definitely going to be his toughest fight to date.”

This will be Parsons first title fight of his long amateur career, dating all the way back to 2009. He was originally scheduled to face Albaraa Atmeh for the XFFC featherweight title at XFFC 22, but was forced out of the contest due to medicals.

Parsons has been contemplating a jump to the professional ranks for some time now, but said winning an amateur title has always been something he’s wanted to check off his list before doing so.

“It’s definitely been something on my bucket list. I want to get that title before I make the next step,” said Parsons.

“It’s been a long road to get here, but here we are a few days out and I can’t wait to step in there with a really game opponent.”

Piercey’s Shoutouts

“I want to thank my head coach Lee Mein, my strength and conditioning coach Belle Valle, my teammates at Canadian Martial Arts Centre, my sponsor Peppermint Hippo Tattoo, and my family and friends.” Follow Piercey on social media: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM

Parsons’ Shoutouts

“I want to thank my training partner Jesus Ricko at Team Extreme MMA, and Evan Piercey.” Follow Parsons on social media: FACEBOOK

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