Scott Hudson ecstatic to fight back in Canada, confident he will finish Dominic Clark at TOFC 1

Scott Hudson
Scott Hudson at XFC 43. (Credit: XFC MMA)

Scott Hudson is eager to get the chance to fight back at home.

Hudson (12-5-1), from Hamilton, Ont., by the way of Mississauga, is set for his first fight in over a year as he will headline the first event of Tarps Off Fight Club on Saturday night against Dominic Clark (15-11).

For Hudson, 34, he knows it’s been a long time coming for him to fight back at home, which he is excited about.

“It’s been two years since I last fought in Canada and my last fight in Canada is actually at the same venue and both main events. It’s nice to obviously be back,” Hudson said to MMA Empire.

“It has been a pretty stressful two years as just trying to fight in the States or abroad and even getting people into Canada is a challenge. I literally live 45 minutes from the venue so I’m pumped and ready to rock.”

In his return fight, he gets to fight for the inaugural lightweight belt against Clark in an intriguing matchup.

Although Clark doesn’t have the best record, Hudson is well-aware this is a very dangerous fight for him. He also believes a win doesn’t do much for him as he believes he is in a high-risk, low-reward situation.

“He’s been around the block and is very similar to the last guy I fought. He’s well-rounded, fought some really good guys, some really not so good guys, he’s beaten some good guys, lost to some good guys. I’ve watched videos on him and I believe I’ll be able to take him out, especially at lightweight with my size,” Hudson said.

“He seems really inconsistent as in recent years for him, it has been hard for him to put it together. The thing about fighting Dominic is he’s sort of like a journeyman but is really tough. I’d rather take a fight against a guy who’s like 9-0 that is equal skill and toughness as this guy as it looks better on paper. It’s like a lose-lose for me as everyone expects me to win this fight with ease. It’s high risk and not the biggest reward for me.”

Although Hudson believes this is a risky fight for him, he is confident he will get his hand raised on Saturday night.

The Canadian expects it to be competitive early on, but as the fight plays out he will begin to take over and eventually find the stoppage win.

“My path to victory here is him losing the striking exchanges, being forced to wrestle, and then failing there as well. Just beating him over time and then eventually putting him away in the third or fourth round,” Hudson said.

Should Hudson get the stoppage win, it would be his sixth in a row which he hopes puts him on the radar of big promotions.

“I’ve shown everyone in Canada I’m willing to fight anyone and fight good guys. I’m hoping a win here gets me a deal with one of the top promotions. I’m 34 and need to make a run right now if I’m going to make one,” Hudson concluded.

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