Boser Seeks Fourth-Straight Win and Potential Title Shot at ACB 90

For Tanner Boser, a victory over Salimgirey Rasulov at ACB 90 on Saturday night could mean more than just four triumphs in a row.

With Boser currently ranked number four in ACB’s heavyweight division and Rasulov ranked number three, there’s a strong possibility of the winner earning the next title shot.

Already a Unified MMA champion, Boser said winning an ACB title would be a strong reflection of everything he’s been working towards.


Tanner Boser
Tanner Boser after his victory at ACB 72.

“In my mind, the ACB title is a real world title,” said Boser in an interview.

“Winning that would be a true life achievement for me.”

With the contest taking place in Rasulov’s home country of Russia, Boser will be heading into enemy territory.

But despite the strong passion and support Russian fans are known for giving their fighters, Boser said it’s not something that will phase him in the cage.

“The Russian fans aren’t going to cheer for you when you’re walking out as the foreigner, but they’re also not going to boo you if you win the fight or if you’re beating their guy,” said Boser.

“It’s different. Russian fans, and Eastern European fans as a whole, are pretty respectful.”

Streaks Collide

Much like Boser, Rasulov is coming in hot as well, having won five of his last six fights inside the ACB cage.

Boser said he’s preparing for a very powerful Rasulov with solid all-around striking, as is evident in his 10 career knockout victories.

“He’s a very powerful guy. His overhand right has a lot of knockouts to it,” said Boser.

“He’s not afraid to take a guy down and ground and pound you, but he’s definitely always looking for the striking finish.”

With the bout being contested at a catchweight of 275 pounds, Boser said his opponent will definitely be the bigger fighter.

And in order to come away with the victory on Saturday, Boser said he will look to employ the strategy he always has, and that is no secret to anyone watching.

“I’m going to have to be the faster heavyweight, which I almost always am, and definitely will be here,” said Boser.

“I have to use my movement, my speed and my stamina. All my typical strengths.”

Boser’s Shoutouts

“I’d like to thank my new sponsors Paul Peddle Services, Travel Gurus, and Platinum Water Solutions. I also want to give a shoutout to all the Danger Cats who will be watching the fight. Finally, I’d like to thank my coaches, Jeff Montemurro and Keijiro Noda, and all my training partners.”