Spina Zoned in on Heavyweight Strap Ahead of BFL 56

Heading into the first title fight of his MMA career, to say Terrence Spina is ready would be an understatement.

Spina (3-0) will take on Josh Morgan (2-2) for the BFL amateur heavyweight title on Saturday night at BFL 56, which will take place at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam, B.C.

Spina, 41, said it means a lot to be able to fight for a title so early in his MMA journey, having only been training for 15 months at the UFC gym in Coquitlam, and it’s an opportunity he’s not taking lightly.

Terrence Spina
Terrence Spina in action at Rise FC 1 (Photo by Ayla Marie/AMarie Photography)

“Our focus is the belt. Our focus is the championship. Our focus is Josh Morgan,” said Spina in an interview.

“After this, we will look further into the future for what’s next.”

So far in his amateur career, Spina is undefeated with three victories, all coming by knockout or TKO, and all in 2018.

While Morgan may present his toughest test to date, Spina said he’s expecting yet another knockout or TKO finish to add to his resume.

“I find a lot of heavyweights like to go fast off the hop, and try to go swing for swing. But I’m different,” said Spina.

“I find myself to be more patient, let him come at me, figure out his combinations, and capitalize on his mistakes. If the opportunity for the KO is there, I take it.”

Familiar Foes

Although Spina and Morgan have never squared off in an MMA fight, this won’t be the first time they’ve competed against one another.

The pair squared off in a jiu-jitsu tournament nine months ago, which saw Morgan come out on top in a tightly-contested battle.

Spina said although Morgan may have earned the victory the first time around, it’s a whole different ball game when it’s an MMA fight.

“I have nothing but respect for Morgan, but I’m excited to go against him again,” said Spina.

“I want this rematch.”

While Spina has stepped in the cage three times already in 2018, Morgan’s last time in action was back on Oct. 17, 2015 at BFL 39.

But despite the long layoff from cage action, Spina said he expects the best version possible of Morgan, and doesn’t expect there to be any signs of cage rust.

“What I’ve realized about the fighting world is it’s big, but it’s small. Everyone knows each other,” said Spina.

“If I’m right, he’s been hearing about all my TKO’s. If he’s smart, I really hope he does his homework, and doesn’t take this lightly.”

Spina’s Shoutouts

“I want to thank my friends and family for being there for me, my coaches at the UFC gym for keeping me focused. I also want to shout out to my city of Windsor, Ont. I’m going to definitely rep my city 100 per cent.”