UFC Fight Night 211: Dern vs. Xiaonan main card staff predictions

Will Mackenzie Dern move one step closer to a possible title shot? Can Francisco Trinaldo continue his improbable run at 44 years old? The predictions from the MMA Empire team, along with our guest picker, can be found below for the six-fight main card.

Our guest picker for this event is Canadian women’s flyweight prospect Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels (5-0). Yet to taste defeat in both her professional and amateur careers, Horth Wessels is coming off her biggest victory to date at LFA 120 where she became the new LFA women’s flyweight champion. Whether it’s a UFC debut or defending her title, stay tuned for her next bout announcement soon.

2022 standings thru UFC Fight Night 210

1. Jason Hagholm (110-60) N/A in 2021

2. Kylan Knowler (108-62) 128-93-3 in 2021

T3. Joe McDonagh (106-64) 122-99-3 in 2021

T3. Cole Shelton (106-64) 138-83-3 in 2021 *Champion

5. Joel Griffith (105-65) 135-86-3 in 2021

6. Cooper Riehl (104-66) 136-85-3 in 2021

7. Cody Rempel (102-68) 134-87-3 in 2021

8. Dylan Bowker (98-72) 113-108-3 in 2021

9. Guest picker (90-80) 115-106-3 in 2021

Mackenzie Dern vs. Yan Xiaonan

Jason Hagholm: Mackenzie Dern via submission.

Kylan Knowler: Mackenzie Dern via submission.

Joe McDonagh: Mackenzie Dern via decision.

Cole Shelton: Mackenzie Dern via submission.

Joel Griffith: Mackenzie Dern via submission.

Cooper Riehl: Mackenzie Dern via submission.

Cody Rempel: Mackenzie Dern via submission.

Dylan Bowker: Mackenzie Dern via submission.

Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels: Mackenzie Dern via decision.

Picks – Mackenzie Dern: 9, Yan Xiaonan: 0

Randy Brown vs. Francisco Trinaldo

Jason Hagholm: Randy Brown via knockout.

Kylan Knowler: Randy Brown via TKO.

Joe McDonagh: Randy Brown via decision.

Cole Shelton: Randy Brown via decision.

Joel Griffith: Randy Brown via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Randy Brown via TKO.

Cody Rempel: Randy Brown via decision.

Dylan Bowker: Randy Brown via decision.

Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels: Randy Brown via TKO.

Picks – Randy Brown: 9, Francisco Trinaldo: 0

Raoni Barcelos vs. Trevin Jones

Jason Hagholm: Trevin Jones via decision.

Kylan Knowler: Raoni Barcelos via TKO.

Joe McDonagh: Trevin Jones via knockout.

Cole Shelton: Raoni Barcelos via decision.

Joel Griffith: Raoni Barcelos via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Raoni Barcelos via decision.

Cody Rempel: Raoni Barcelos via TKO.

Dylan Bowker: Raoni Barcelos via decision.

Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels: Raoni Barcelos via decision.

Picks – Raoni Barcelos: 7, Trevin Jones: 2

Sodiq Yusuff vs Don Shainis

Jason Hagholm: Sodiq Yusuff via TKO.

Kylan Knowler: Sodiq Yusuff via decision.

Joe McDonagh: Sodiq Yusuff via knockout.

Cole Shelton: Sodiq Yusuff via TKO.

Joel Griffith: Sodiq Yusuff via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Sodiq Yusuff via knockout.

Cody Rempel: Sodiq Yusuff via TKO.

Dylan Bowker: Sodiq Yusuff via decision.

Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels: Sodiq Yusuff via TKO.

Picks – Sodiq Yusuff: 9, Don Shainis: 0

Mike Davis vs. Viacheslav Borshchev

Jason Hagholm: Viacheslav Borshchev via TKO.

Kylan Knowler: Mike Davis via decision.

Joe McDonagh: Mike Davis via decision.

Cole Shelton: Mike Davis via TKO.

Joel Griffith: Mike Davis via TKO.

Cooper Riehl: Viacheslav Borshchev via TKO.

Cody Rempel: Mike Davis via decision.

Dylan Bowker: Viacheslav Borshchev via decision.

Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels: Mike Davis via decision.

Picks – Mike Davis: 6, Viacheslav Borshchev: 3