Unified MMA 45 – Live Results and Play-by-Play

Unified MMA is back home at the River Cree Resort and Casino with a stacked card. Ryan Ford meets David Hale in the main event for the vacant Super-Welterweight title, in the co-main event Christian Larsen defends the Heavyweight title against late replacement Grayson Wells and finally, Neal Anderson gets another crack at the Featherweight strap when he faces Champion Maged Hammo in a rematch.

The Unified MMA 45 main card can be seen live on UFC Fight Pass, but if you can’t watch live, MMA Empire will have your live play-by-play all night right here.

    • Fight of the Night: Mac Laursen vs. Phil Engeroff
    • Knockout of the Night: Maged Hammo
    • Submission of the Night: Eli Aronov

Pro 175lbs – Ryan Ford (23-5) vs. Robert Hale (11-5)
***Super Welterweight Title Fight (Vacant)
Round 1: Hale lands first and Ford answers back. Hale connects and once again Ford responds. Ford lands and Hale stumbles back. Ford lands to the body and Hale connects. Hale with a one-two and Ford with a big overhand right but Hale eats it. Hale lands a combo and Ford lands a right. Ford goes to the body and drops him with a massive right. Ford chases Hale around and lands at will. Hale is surviving on pure instinct right now Ford lands again and Hale hits the mat. Ford follows and unleashes a barrage of shots, Ford secures full mount and continues the assault. Hale can do nothing in response and referee Andy Social steps in and rescues Hale from any further punishment.
Ryan Ford defeats Robert Hale by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 3:56
***Ford wins Vacant Unified Super-Welterweight Title

Pro 265lbs – (C)Christian Larsen (6-2) vs. Grayson Wells (5-4)
***Heavyweight Title Fight
Round 1: Leg kick by Wells to open the action. Both men swing wildly and Larsen connects and drops Wells. Larsen begins dropping bombs and Wells can do nothing but cover up. Larsen keeps swinging and referee Luke Boutin mercifully steps in and stops the bout.
Christian Larsen defeats Grayson Wells by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:37
***Larsen defends Unified Heavyweight Title

Pro 145lbs – (C)Maged Hammo (10-6-1) vs. Neal Anderson (11-4)
***Featherweight Title Fight
Round 1: Anderson walks forward looking for his range. Hammo fires but doesn’t land. Anderson connects and Hammo with a leg kick. Anderson lands again and Hammo responds. Hammo with a low leg kick and blocks a right. Hammo with a couple of leg kicks and smiling at Anderson and lands a right. Both men swing big but miss the mark. Hammo connects and smiles but Anderson is all business. Hammo chopping away at the legs and Anderson connects with a combo. Anderson lands a right to the body and they clash with kicks. Anderson fakes a jumping knee and follows up with a combo but doesn’t get all of it. Anderson connects and it back Hammo up. Anderson looks to follow up but Hammo gets separation and the time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Hammo

Round 2: Anderson lands and Hammo calls him on. Hammo presses forward and lands a combo of his own. Anderson with a one-two and Hammo fires back. Anderson connects with a solid barrage and Hammo gives it right back to his. Spinning back kick by Hammo. Anderson with a solid body shot and Hammo presses the action but nothing solid. Hammo with an oblique kick and a leg kick and Anderson with a combo and a body shot and a leg kick by Hammo. Right lands for Anderson and Hammo with a quick combo to the body. Anderson lands and Hammo answers with multiple. They clash with knees and Anderson connects with a right. The ten-second clapper and they go Rock-em-Sock-em Robots until the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Hammo

Round 3: Hammo with the side kick to the thigh and they trade shots. Hammo eats a right as he tries the side kick again. Anderson connects and gets the brief clinch and lands. Hammo looks for the jumping knee and Anderson lands a right but takes a shot to the groin. They pause briefly and on the restart Hammo connects with a right on the advancing Anderson. Hammo lands a front kick and they trade shots. Right from Hammo glances off the chin. Anderson with a solid body shot and a right and Hammo fights off the cage. Both trading and both connect with rights. Anderson with the clinch and connects with a pair of hard knees. Hammo lands and gets space. They land simultaneously and both men land at the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Anderson

Round 4: Anderson connects with a nice combo and avoids a spinning back kick. A combo from Anderson lands and Hammo responds. Anderson lands again and another solid right. Anderson sits him down with a right and follows him to the mat. Anderson in full guard now and postures up to land. Hammo with a right from the bottom and escapes. Hammo working for the brabo choke but Anderson gets free. Hammo back to his feet and he’s bloodied. Anderson lands and Hammo lands an overhand right that stuns Anderson. Hammo with a left and an uppercut drops Anderson and Hammo jumps on him and keeps firing until referee Andy Social steps in.
Maged Hammo defeats Neal Anderson by TKO (Punches) in Round 4, 3:06
***Hammo defends Unified Featherweight Title

Pro 185lbs- Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz (10-1) vs. Eli Aronov (5-0)
Round 1: Side kick to start from Ksiazkiewicz and goes up high with the next one. Aronov fires back with a couple leg kicks and gets the big double to guard. Ksizkiewicz lands from the bottom and Aronov connects. Ksizkiewicz works back to his feet against the cage and Aronov drags him back down. Aronov in half-guard and Ksizkiewicz again gets back to his feet and they trade knees. They battle against the cage and Aronov with a couple chipping uppercuts. Both men landing little shots while fighting for position. Aronov with the body lock and throw and he’s back in the guard. Aronov with a solid right and Ksiazkiewicz throws up a triangle but Aronov lifts him and slams his way out. Aronov hears the ten second clapper and unleashes a barrage of elbows. Ksiazkiewicz is able to cover up and eat them and survives the round. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Aronov

Round 2: Ksiazkiweicz with a front kick up the middle and drops Aronov. Ksiazkiewic foloows him to the mat but Aronov escapes. Ksiazkiewicz looking for the guillotine but Aronov defends and is back on top. Ksiazkiewicz to his feet and eats a knee on the way up. They jockey for position against the cage and trade knees. Aronov with the body lock throw and he’s in side control. Aronov postures and lands and Ksiazkiewicz has a cut on the top of his head. Aronov drives big elbows to the side of the head and passes to side control. Aronov continues the steady onslaught and Ksiazkiewicz covering up but some are getting through. Ksiazkiewicz gets his half-guard back but Aronov still landing. Aronov passes to full mount and secures an arm-triangle before stepping over and forcing the tap. Huge win for the undefeated prospect on UFC Fight Pass, this should put him on the radar for an even bigger opportunity.
Eli Aronov submits Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz by Arm-Triangle Choke in Round 2, 4:32

Pro 170lbs – Phil Engeroff (2-0) vs. Mac Laursen (1-1)
Round 1: Laursen with a right and three big leg kicks by Engeroff. Engeroff kicks the body and back to the leg. Laursen connects with a right that stumbles Engeroff. Laursen connects again and Engeroff touches the mat. Engeroff connects with more leg kicks and they exchange shots. Laursen catches a leg kick and pushes his back to the cage. Energoff continues to chop away at the leg and Laursen definitely feels the effects. Laursen connects and Energoff drops and looks stunned. Laursen pounces and lands and settles in half-guard. Engeroff appears to have recovered and looks to stand. Laursen working for a takedown but is caught in a guillotine but lets go on the advice of his corner. Laursen is in full guard and Engeroff kicks him off and stands. They clinch and trade and Laursen brings the fight back to the mat in half guard. Engeroff sweep and now he’s in half-guard. Wild first round comes to an end. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Laursen

Round 2: Both men rush to the centre and trade. Laursen with a combo and Engeroff fights off the cage. Laursen landing and they come together. Laursen attempts the throw but they pop back up. They battle against the cage and Engeroff has the body lock and knees the thigh. Enter off tries to step around and Laursen with a knee. They separate and Engeroff with the leg kick and one to the body. They clinch and trade knees. Laursen now in the control against the cage. Laursen with the clinch and they tumble to the mat with Laursen in side control. Engeroff tries to push off the cage but Laursen controlling. Laursen locks in a hammerlock and uses it to roll Engeroff and flatten him out. In an instant
Mac Laursen submits Phil Engeroff by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 2, 3:49

Pro 165lbs- Jett Grande (2-0-1) vs. Colton Boxell (1-2)
Round 1: Grande lands a solid combo and Boxell shoots for the takedown. Grande defends and eats a knee on the way up. Grande snaps him down and lands in the full guard. Boxell working for a triangle but Grande is able to avoid it and lands to the body. Boxell doing well to control the posture but Grande is able to slip a few shots in. Boxell slaps the ears and Grande lands. Boxell with an active guard but unable to threaten. Grande tries to pass and Boxell briefly to his feet but Grande brings him right back down to full guard. Both just chipping away for the last bit of the round. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Grande

Round 2: Both men swing wildly to start and Boxell looks for the takedown but Grande is the one who gets top position and we’re back to full guard. Grande is cut open from some shots in the first and Boxell continues to slap from the bottom. Grande briefly postures but Boxell pulls him back in. Grande lands a couple solid shots Boxell with some chipping elbows from the bottom. More elbows from Boxell and not offering much offence from the top. Grand connects with a solid right and eats another elbow. Boxell climbs his legs high but Grande is able to stay out of trouble. Boxell continues to connect with elbows from the bottom and the round comes to an end. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Boxell

Round 3: Boxell with a leg kick and eats a right. Grande connects with a combo and Boxell fires back. Grande with a one-two and a flurry of uppercuts. Grande shoots and gets the double and we’re back to the full guard again. Boxell has butterfly guard and Grande can’t pass. Boxell switches to closed guard and Grande lands to the head and a couple to the body. Boxell claps the ears and again tries to climb his legs for the triangle. Grande defends and Boxell keeps chipping away from the bottom. Boxell tries to work his way off his back but Grande stays heavy. Boxell still landing from the bottom and Grande trying to throw back. Boxell somersaults out and briefly tries for a guillotine before time runs out. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Grande
Jett Grande defeats Colton Boxell by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Pro 135lbs – Izzudeen Atmeh (2-2) vs. Harley King (1-1)
Round 1: Atmeh sticks a jab immediately and King with an overhand right and a leg kick. King with two more leg kicks and shoots but Atmeh stuffs it against the cage, spins off and lands. Atmeh catches a kick but can’t drag King to the mat. They separate and Atmeh lands a pair of stiff jabs and they trade leg kicks. King lands a hard shot and drops Atmeh but steps back and lets Atmeh to his feet. King connects again and puts Atmeh out and he lands a couple more before referee Andy Social can get between them. Atmeh tries to stand but nearly falls flat on his face and has to be held up by Social.
Harley King defeats Izzudeen Atmeh by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:48

Pro 150lbs – Tyrell Giselbrecht (1-1) vs. Caleb Ermine (0-1)
Round 1: Both men trading shots and tie up against the cage. Giselbrecht gets the trip and lands in half guard. Ermine throws from the bottom and Giselbrecht lands to the body. Giselbrecht postures and lands a trio of short elbows and chips away with little shots. Ermine falls back for a leg lock but Giselbrecht easily defends and gets back to half-guard and lands. Giselbrecht working to isolate an arm but gives it up to land more elbows and body shots. Ermine trying to regain his guard but can’t get space. Ermine extends his arm and Giselbrecht uses the opportunity to pass. Giselbrecht is able to secure the armbar as the ten-second clapper sounds. Ermine desperately tries to defend but is ultimately forced to tap right before the bell sounds.
Tyrell Giselbrecht submits Caleb Ermine by Armbar in Round 1, 4:58

125lbs- Antony Rojas (2-0) vs. Alex Moher (2-1)
Round 1: Rojas steps out of the way of a high kick and throws one back but doesn’t get all of it. Moher falls just short with a body kick and Rojas misses one as well. Both men having trouble finding their range until Rojas lands a right. Rojas with a kick up the middle and avoid a pair of strikes from Moher. Big body kick by Rojas and lands on Moher as he’s coming in. Rojas goes up high with a kick and just misses. Leg kick for Rojas lands. Moher with a combo but Rojas able to avoid it. Moher scoops Rojas up and slams him to the mat and looks to take the back but time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Rojas

Round 2: Rojas with a hard straight right and drives him to the cage however it’s Moher that secures the takedown. Rojas climbing his legs high and Moher postures up and looks to clear the legs. Rojas kicks him away and tries to stand but Moher pounces on the back. Moher working for the rear-naked choke but Rojas fighting the hands. Moher lands a couple shots to soften him up and Rojas tripods. Moher continues to land but is unable to sink the choke. Rojas desperately trying to free himself. Moher clings to the back and ends the round there. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Moher

Round 3: Rojas misses a big head kick and presses forward with a combo and another high kick. Moher slows the assault with another takedown and Rojas attempts to kick him away but Moher postures and lands from the guard. Moher to half-guard and looking for the arm-triangle Moher passe to mount which fully locks in the choke and coaxes the quick tap from Rojas.
Alex Moher submits Antony Rojas by Arm-Triangle Choke in Round 3, 1:27

Amateur 128lbs – Mitch Wiles (3-3) vs. Luke Vaillancourt (0-0)
Round 1: Wiles with a quick right and immediately fires off with volume. Wiles presses him to the cage and gets the takedown to full guard. Wiles passes and then takes the back. Wiles begins firing away and works for the rear-naked choke. Vaillancourt is able to escape but is now mounted. Wiles postures and lands and Vaillancourt gives up his back, back to mount and Wiles again rains down punches, and drives him into the cage. Wiles landing at will but nothing fight ending and time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Wiles

Round 2: Both men exchange off the second round bell and Wiles takes the fight to the cage. They jockey for position and Wiles trips him to the mat and settles into side control. Wiles easily passes to mount chips away. Vaillancourt looking for a straight ankle lock and lands a couple from the bottom. Vaillancourt still doing what he can and throwing from the bottom but Wiles is firmly in control. Wiles in half guard and looking for an arm-triangle but time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Wiles

Round 3: They tie up and Vaillancourt lands a knee to the body but again Wiles takes it to the mat and settles in full guard. Wiles chips away but not overly active on top and has Vaillancourt trapped against the cage. Wiles continues to land short shots and again may be working for an arm-triangle. Wiles is content to control the remainder of the fight with smothering top pressure with no attempt to finish. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Wiles
Mitch Wiles defeats Luke Vaillancourt by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Amateur 265lbs – Jake Craig (0-0) vs. Skye King (0-0)
Round 1: King with an inside leg kick and one lands to the groin a pause in the action. They restart and King lands a pair. Craig fires back and lands and King again lands. They clash with leg kicks and Craig counters a right with a body shot. King with some solid kicks up the middle and Craig unleashes a flurry but doesn’t quite land cleanly. Craig backs him to the cage and lands again. Huge left lands from Craig and King turns away. Craig fires away as King covers up. King is able to scramble away but Craig follows him and continues to hammer him with huge shots and finally drops King to the mat. Referee Andy Social has seen enough and steps in. Craig looked very impressive for a debut amateur fighter.
Jake Craig defeats Skye King by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:37

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