Unified MMA 49 – Live Results and Play-by-Play

Unified MMA is caps off the busiest and most ambitious month in their history tonight. Tonight marks the third event in three cities in just 15 days. The Unified cage was in Calgary at the beginning of the month, in Toronto last night and back home in Edmonton tonight. In the main event, Graham Park defends the Light-Heavyweight Title against DWCS veteran Ty Flores and in the co-main Tim “Shady” Smith returns to take on the surging Nick Hrabec.

The Unified MMA 49 main card can be seen live on UFC Fight Pass beginning at 8:30pm ET, but if you can’t watch, MMA Empire will have your live play-by-play all night right here.

  • Fight of the Night: Tim Smith vs. Nick Hrabec
  • Submission of the Night: Jake Craig
  • Knockout of the Night: Shannon Clark

Pro 205lbs- Graham Park (8-3) vs. Ty Flores (9-4)
Round 1: This was originally set to be a title defense for Park however, Flores missed weight by 4.8lbs. Park immediately looks to land and presses Flores to the cage. Park gets the double and Flores trying to throw up an armbar. Park defends and lands a few short hammerfists. Flores tries to push the head down and stand but Park takes the back. Flores is able to shake him off and passes to north/south and lands a hard right. Park doing well to control the arm so Flores can’t land. Flores to side control and chips away. Short elbows from Flores but Park not allowing much space. Park looks to wrestle up and now in turtle. Park eats couple shots and gets to his feet. Flores slams him down and Park working for a kimura but Flores frees himself. Flores back to north/south and moves to side control. Flores with some vicious shots to the ribs in the dying seconds of the round. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Flores

Round 2: Park looks to land and connects with a pair of solid body kicks. Flores goes up high but it’s blocked. Park shoots and looks for the takedown. Park turtled and eats a big knee to the body and Flores begins to land. Flores gets the body lock and now in half-guard. Flores with some short elbows and lands. Big right from Flores and he postures up but Park pulls him back close so he can’t land. Park with some short elbows from the bottom and locks up the guard. Flores lands and stands up before dropping back into the guard. Flores continues to land and works the body. Ten-second clapper sounds and Flores lands a few more before time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Flores

Round 3: Both clash with leg kicks and Flores looks to land. They trade shots and tie up against the cage. Flores with the clinch but Park lands a solid knee and Flores looks for the double. Flores is bloodied and Park now gets the clinch. They separate and referee Andy Social pauses the action to have the doctor check on a cut on Flores’ nose. We’re good to and they restart. Both men throwing heavy leather and the tie up against the cage. Park with a stiff jab and Flores shoots but Park defends and stays on his feet. Park with some dirty boxing and lands a knee. More dirty boxing from Park and some uppercuts. Park separates and lands before they tie back up. Solid short for Flores and Park answers back. Flores shoots for a double and gets it. Park gives his back tries to scramble to his feet but Flores keeps him down. Flores lands a few more shots and the round comes to an end with both men bloodied. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Park
Ty Flores defeats Graham Park by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-27, 29-28)

Pro 165lbs- Nick Hrabec (8-5) vs. Tim Smith (16-12)
Round 1: Hrabec opens with a big body kick that puts Smith on his back. Hrabec lets him up and they trade leg kicks. Another kicks from Hrabec drops Smith and he pops back to his feet. Smith catches a kick and takes him to the mat in full guard. Hrabec looking to get back to his feet but Smith holds his ankle and lands. Hrabec is able to get back tonhis feet and Smith lands a right and a leg kick. They clash with kicks and Hrabec takes one to the groin. Brief pause and Smith with a leg kick they trade shots and Smith blocks a head kick. Smith lands a body shot and closes the distance but Hrabec gets some space and a slams a leg kick into the thigh. Big knee up the middle from Hrabec and SMith with one of his own. Both men throwing wildly and connecting. Smith with a nice combo and follows ip with a right. Smith presses the action and ties up before landing a spinning back fist on the break. Another low kick from Smith and another pause. They restart and Smith comes flying in and preses him against the cage. They separate and trade wild shots as time runs down. One big right from Hrabec connects and the bell sounds. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Hrabec

Round 2: Body kick from Hrabec and a combo wobbles Smith but he recovers. Hard leg kick from Smith but he eats a huge right. Smith gets the takedown to full guard but Hrabec chips away with elbows from the bottom. Smith landing to the body and short elbows. Hrabec controlling the posture and Smith can’t get full power on his shots. Some now starting to get through though and Smith stands and drops back into the guard with a right. Smith keeps firing and Hrabec covering up. Hrabec is bloodied up and fading and Smith keeps the pressure on and keeps hammering away and finally referee Luke Boutin has seen enough. Post fight, Smith says he wants his Lightweight Title back.
Tim Smith defeats Nick Hrabec by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 3:17

Pro 165lbs- Aaron Bosiak (4-2) vs. Cody Ries (3-2)
Round 1: Bosiak with a big combo and Ries throws one back. Bosiak presses forward and gets a massive slam and settles into the guard. Ries scrambles up and lands as he passes to full mount. Ries takes the back and works for the rear-naked choke. Ries locks it up tight and Bosiak tries to fight it but is umtimately forced to tap.
Cody Ries submits Aaron Bosiak by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:13

Pro 135lbs- Harley King (2-1) vs. Devon Lozej (2-1)
Round 1: Leg kick by Lozej and they look to find their range before exchanging a pair of leg kicks. Lozej shoots and looks to elevate with the single. King stays on his feet and Lozej lets go. Big knee to the body for King and a couple more. Lozej drops back down and King still able to stay vertical. Lozej not giving up on it but can’t drag King down and they finally separate. King connects and stuffs another attempt. King knees the body and works for the kimura as Lozej continues to work for the single. King briefly gets some space and lands before defending another single. Hard elbow from King and Lozej still unable to to get the fight down and eats a ghandful of elbows. Flying knee attempt by Lozej but doesn’t land and the round is over. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 King

Round 2: Big right from Lozej just misses and King lands. Body kicks from Lozej land and a left from King followed by a couple body kicks. Solid combo lands for King and a low blow from Lozej in an exchange. Quick pause and they’re back in action. Lozej back on a single and King again defends. Lozej almost gets it but King quickly back to his feet. Lozej again very briefly gets him down and again King pops back up. Lozej finally gets him to the mat and has a nasty armbar but King is able to inch his way out and gets back to his feet. Lozej right back on a single and King defending well. King with a knee to the midsection and corcles away. King landing against the cage and presses him before stepping back. Lozej with a knee to the body and King with a combo. King controlling him against the cage and eats a right but lands one of his own and a couple knees in the final seconds. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 King

Round 3: Left lands from Lozej and a right-left combo from King. Lozej with a low leg kick and King lands a knee to the body on the way into a tie up. Lozej scoops up the leg but still unable to drag King to the mat. King with a solid elbow and defending the single. King elbows the head and knees the body. King steps out of another single attempt. Both men trading heavy shots and Lozej drops for a leg and King stuffs again. Combo by King lands and Lozej back to the well and King continues to defend. Huge knee from King on the way up from another failed single. King connects and drives Lozej into the cage. Two big knees and a combo from King and gets control against the cage. Lozej continues to try for the takedown and both miss spinning back fists as the fight comes to a close. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 King
Harley King defeats Devon Lozej by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Pro 130lbs- Shannon Clark (1-0) vs. Jo Maisonneuve (1-2)
Round 1: Clark with the leg kick and avoids a right from Maisonneuve. Hard leg kick again from Clark and a kick to the body sits her down. Clark pops back to her feet and lands a thudding leg kick. Clark presses forward and lands a combo. Clark’s leg kicks are already accumulating on Maisonneuve. They trade a flurry and Clark connects with a combo and a knee to the midsection. Clark lands a combo and a leg kick and Maisonneuve answers back with a leg kick. Clark throws a high kick but it’s caught and Maisonneuve puts her on her back and settles into side control. Clark scrambles to her feet and lands a knee to the body. The front kick catches Maisonneuve in the chin but she eats it. Hard leg kick from Clark and a right from Maisonneuve. Clark continues to punish her with leg kicks and drives her back against the cage and lands a knee. Clark’s nose is bloodied but she lands and they exchange a final combo as time runs out. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Clark

Round 2: Body kick from Maisonneuve misses the mark and another. They exchange front kicks and Maisonneuve connects with a right. More leg kicks from Clark and she avoida a front kick before landing another. Maisonneuve with a leg kick of her own and a stiff right. Combo from Maisonneuve lands and a leg kick again from Clark. Maisonneuve lands a punch to the body and a leg kick again from Clark. They tie up and trade and Clark lands a knee. Clark looking for the takedown but Maisonneuve stays up. Maisonneuve lands a right and falls into the guard. Clark sweeps and now in full guard. Clark chips away and Maisonneuve throws up the knee shield and scrambles ip. Clark with the clinch and knees the body. Clark landing elbows and more knees. They separate and Clark comes right back at her and delivers several more knees and elbows from the clinch until the bell and steals the round back. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Clark

Before the start of the third round referee Andy Social calls the doctor in to check on Maisonneuve and after a few minutes, he waves the fight off as Maisonneuve cannot continue.
Shannon Clark defeats Jo Maisonneuve by TKO (Corner Stoppage) in Round 2, 5:00

Pro 145lbs- Matt Klute (1-1) vs. Caleb Ermine (0-2)
Round 1: Both men cautiously trying to find their range and a leg kick from Klute. Inside leg kick by Ermine and one more. Klute connects with a right that appears to stun Ermine but he recovers quickly and Klute ties him up against the cage. Klute with a foot stomp and maintains control on the cage. Ermine reverses and drops for the legs and gets the double. Ermine in half-guard but Klute is controlling the posture. Ermine lands and latches onto a guillotine. Klute escapes but Ermine lands to the body and tries the guillotine again. Klute frees himself again and controls the posture before eating some little shots in the final seconds. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Ermine

Round 2: Both men throw kicks and Ermine’s lands to the groin. A brief pause and they’re back at it. Inside leg kick lands adn Ermine shoots for the takedown. Klute stays on his feet against the cage and they jockey for position until Ermine drags him down to half-guard. Ermine working for an arm-triangle but Klute’s corner recognizes it and Klute re-positions. Ermine lands and drives Klute to the cage. Klute gets his back to the cage but Ermine stays heavy and doesn’t allow him to wall walk up. Klute chips away and Ermine answers to the body. Ermine doing well to grapevine the legs and not allow Klute to get a base. Klute lands to the body and Ermine passes the mount and Klute gives his back. Ermine sinks the rear-naked choke but no time to work as time runs out. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Ermine

Round 3: They exchange and a brief tie up. Both men land and a body kick from Klute is caught and Ermine puts Klute on the fence and looks to flatten him out. Klute lands to the body and tries to work back to his feet but Ermine is stuck to him like glue. Ermine lands chipping shots and grapevines the legs. Ermine lands a right and settles into the guard before going back to the grapvine. Ermine works to the back but Klute shucks him off and gets to full mount. Klute takes the back and begins to fire rights under the arm. Klute lands some elbows and Ermine ties up his arm. Klute gets it free and lands but unable to get a lot of power on the shots. Klute keeps firing but Ermine is able to survive the round. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Klute
Caleb Ermine defeats Matt Klute by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Amateur 265lbs- Jake Craig (3-0) vs. Terell Jonasson (2-0)
***Heavyweight Title Fight
Round 1: Leg kick by Jonasson to start. Craig with a stiff jab and another leg kick by Jonasson. Big overhand right by Craig and he cracks him with a couple more. Jonasson presses forward and Craig throws him to the mat. Jonasson back to his feet and looks for the front kick and Craig throws one back. Craig wobbles him with a right that glances off the temple and looks to follow up but slips. Jonasson presses him into the cage and ties him up. Craig with a knee to the body and Jonasson lands a right just before the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Craig

Round 2: Craig with a leg kick and avoids a bog right. Craig connects and backs Jonasson up and lands a again. A quick clinch and a knee from Craig. They throw bombs at one another and tie up and a knee from Jonasson. They crash against the cage and the whole thing shakes. Jonasson presses him into the cage and a trio of knees from Craig land in the midsection. Craig reverses position and Jonasson puts him back on the cage. Craig fights off the cage and lands a left and Jonasson responds. Craig avoids a flurry and lands a couple of huge shots by Jonasson has a chin. A front kick to the body from Craig as time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Craig

Round 3: Front kick from Jonasson and he slips. They come together and exchange and a bog overhand right from Craig. Jonasson puts Craig’s back on the cage and eats a few chipping shots. Craig posts on the face but still on the cage. Craig digs the underhooks and lands vicious knees to the body. Jonasson with little shots and drops for the low single but can’t get it. Craig gets the takedown and lands in mount and starts raining down shots for the final ten seconds and Jonasson is saved by the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Craig

Round 4: Big right by Jonasson to start and Craig shoots for the takedown. Jonasson stuffs it and lands but Craig fires right back and connects. Both men are fatigued and Craig takes control against the cage and works for the single and gets it. Jonasson seated against the cage and tries to stand but Craig muscles him back down and lands. Craig takes the back and works for the choke before letting go and landing. Craig back to the rear-naked choke and is finally able to force the tap.
Jake Craig submits Terell Jonasson by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 4, 2:17

Amateur 125lbs- Gabriel Brown (1-2) vs. Kulbir Singh (0-0)
Round 1: Brown checks the first leg kick of the fight and goes upstairs but doesn’t get all of it. Singh fires away with a furious combo. Brown retreats but Singh gets the takedown and settles into the guard. Singh stands and lands a hard leg kick before allowing Brown back to his feet. Both men trade shots and a body kick from Singh. Hard body kick from Singh and Brown ducks under a right to get the takedown to guard. Singh works back to his feet and looks for the guillotine. Brown guts it out and eventually works his head free. Singh with an armbar but hitchhiker escapes out and back to his feet. Brown just misses a spinning back kick to the body and time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Singh

Round 2: Brown with a kick to the body but Singh catches it and takes the fight to the ground. Singh works for the guillotine but Brown escapes and stands. Hard leg kick and Singh gives one back. Big swing and miss by Brown and Singh ducks under and looks for the takedown but Brown ends up on top. Brown works to the back but Singh comes out the back and settles into the guard. Brown throws up a triangle attempt but Singh clears the legs. Another triangle attempt and Singh hammers the body. Singh stacks him and Brown can’t get the arm across and Singh survives to the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Brown

Round 3: Brown sidesteps a combo and lands a shot and a solid leg kick. Brown catches a body kick and uses it for the takedown. Brown in full guard and working to pass to side control. Brown takes full mount and Singh gives up the back. Singh is able to slip out the back and passes to north/south briefly and Brown is able to get to his feet. Spinning back kick by Brown and shoots but Singh muscles him to the mat and takes side control. Brown to his feet and drives Singh into the cage. Brown with a pair of leg kicks and a right followed by a big takedown to half-guard and he lands to the body as time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Brown
Gabriel Brown defeats Kulbir Singh by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Amateur 125lbs- Tony Rojas (2-1) vs. Edwin Ssekibuule (0-1)
Round 1: Rojas with a kick to the body opens the action and another. Ssekibuule fires back with a right and a leg kick. Big leg kick from Rojas and an overhand right from Ssekibuule. Rojas connects with a combo. Both men with a wild exchange and Ssekibuule catches a body kick but can’t capitalize. Both men looking to land and Rohas unloads a ferocious barrage of punches against the cage. Ssekibuule is miraculously able to survive and fights off the cage Rojas looks for a guillotine but Ssekibuule frees himself and time winds down. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Rojas

Round 2: Ssekibuule with a leg kick and both men trade shots. They exchange and Ssekibuule pushes him against the cage. A brief jockey for position and they separate. Rojas left calf showing some redness from Ssekibuule’s kicks but he’s still marching forward. They tie up and Ssekibuule looks for the takedown against the cage. Rojas is able to sink the rear-naked choke and it looks very deep. Ssekibuule is able to defend and hang on. Ssekibuule still fighting the hands and is somehow able to gut it out and free himself as time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Rojas

Round 3: Ssekibuule opens with another calf kick and another thudding shot lands. Ssekibuule continues to land leg kicks and Rojas starts to check them. Ssekibuule presses forward but can’t land. Both men land rights and a kick to the body lands for Rojas and causes Ssekibuule to slip. Back up and they trade before Ssekibuule stuffs a takedown. Ssekibuule lands a pair and keeps pressing forward. Big leg kick by Rojas and a tie-up before landing one knee at the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Rojas
Antony Rojas defeats Edwin Ssekibuule by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-28)

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