Unified MMA president Sunny Sareen happy to gain more exposure for Canadian fighters through UFC Fight Pass deal

After what’s been a tumultuous year, the Canadian MMA scene will receive a much-needed boost in 2021 when Unified MMA and begin broadcasting their events on UFC Fight Pass.

The number one streaming service for combat sports, UFC Fight Pass is home to over 30 different promotions with subscribers from around the world. 

“It’s exciting for sure. It provides us the ability to get more eyes on Canadian and Albertan athletes, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for. The local companies that have always supported us will now be able to reach a broader market, but it also gives us an opportunity to look at our structure on how we advertise and look at sponsors on a larger scale,” said Unified MMA president Sunny Sareen in an interview with MMA Empire.

“A promotion is only as strong as its athletes, and we’ve aligned ourselves with some awesome guys. Tanner Boser is a massive reason the UFC reached out, guys like KB Bhullar, and even some of the guys that are up-and-coming. We always get the type of guys that can compete on an international stage and we’re looking to continue that trend.”

With COVID-19 restrictions being much stricter in Canada, Sareen said he’s working diligently with the appropriate parties to determine with Unified MMA’s next event will be. 

“We’re looking to get back in March or April,” Sareen said.

“I’ve already talked to the Central Combative Sports Commission that handles our fights. They’re putting together a plan, and everybody is optimistic about 2021 after such a unique 2020. We just want to put this year behind us and move forward in a safe way because there are things happening health-wise, and we want to have a good structure.”

The River Cree Resort and Casino, just outside of Edmonton, Alta., is where Unified MMA has always called home, but Sareen has always had his sights set on the opportunity to expand throughout the province.

Teddy Ash
Teddy Ash celebrates his title defence at Unified MMA 36. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“We’ve done really well at our home base, the River Cree. We love working with them. They’ve been so supportive, but one of the markets I really want to get into for sure is Calgary,” Sareen said

“It’s something we’ve tried before, we had a little bit of trouble being a new company in a new market, but I think being branded with UFC Fight Pass makes us stronger. I think we’ll be able to market ourselves better. Whether it’s a casino or a regular arena, we will be going into Calgary for sure in 2021, and we’ll continue on our path at the River Cree as well.”

Sareen’s Shoutouts

“First and foremost, I have to thank our fans. They’ve been with us for 12 years now, it’s been a long road. Also, thanks to the athletes that continue to put on these shows that are getting us noticed, and all of the sponsors that have backed us.”