Predictions: Mamba Fight Night 6

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Taylor Bull
Taylor Bull works his ground and pound on Micah Brakefield at BFL 56. (Photo by Nelson Yeo/MMA Sucka)

For Mamba Fight Night 6, Taylor Bull has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the seven MMA bouts on the card.

Bull holds a professional MMA record of 2-8, a record that dates back all the way to 2008. Bull’s most recent win came in October at Mamba Fight Night 5 where he earned a third round TKO stoppage of Shaun Dhillon. Bull will step in the cage next at Rumble in the Cage 61 where he’ll take on Colton Cronkite.

Here are Bull’s predictions for Mamba Fight Night 6:

Kultar Gill (12-8) vs Anthony Ruiz (35-24): PRO Middleweight FIGHT PREVIEW

Ruiz is a tough opponent. Both will show up for a fight-of-the-night performance, with Kultar taking the edge. Happy retirement ol’ sport!”

Prediction: Gill wins by split decision.

Shawna Ram (1-0) vs Kaiyana Rain (1-4): PRO Women’s 110 pounds

Ram will put constant pressure on, break her opponent down, and outwork her for the win.”

Prediction: Ram wins by unanimous decision.

Myles Merola (11-7) vs Lance Gibson (1-0) FIGHT PREVIEW

“Gibson capitalizes on a second round submission opportunity whilst being down on the scorecard. Merola will look to be winning, but Gibson will pull a trick out of his sleeve for the finish.”

Prediction: Gibson wins by submission in the second round.

Konstantin Gaivoronskii (4-0) vs Blake Bird (1-1)

Both fighters are heavy hitters. I see them both coming out hard, toe-to-toe, but Bird catches Gaivoronskii in the pocket for a KO finish.”

Prediction: Bird wins by knockout in the first round.

Kaylan Rae (0-0) vs Mani El-Hefnawy (0-0)

“Rae will outwork El-Hefnawy for the first two rounds, but I think El-Hefnawy comes back in the third to finish hard, but it’s not enough.”

Prediction: Rae wins by unanimous decision.

Arbaaz Gill (0-0) vs Aaron Lightning (0-1)

“Lightning is looking for redemption. Gill may think of him as an easy target, but that can open a hole for Lightning to land a nice counter punch. It can happen at any moment, but I think we will see him land one in the second round.”

Prediction: Lightning wins by knockout in the second round.

Guido De Angelis (0-0) vs Dale Darby (0-0)

“Darby is the crowd favourite and the energy gets him going early. De Angelis is game, but gets behind on the scorecard and loses steam mid-way through the second round, leaving Darby to dominate the rest of the way.”

Prediction: Darby wins by unanimous decision.