Predictions: Rumble in the Cage 58

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

For Rumble in the Cage 58, Evan Piercey has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the seven MMA bouts (not including gold medal matches) on the card.

Piercey holds an amateur MMA record of 2-1, while training and fighting out of Lethbridge, Alta. In his two victories, he needed less than 30 seconds combined to finish both opponents via knockout/TKO. After suffering his first setback at Rumble in the Cage 57, Piercey is healed and ready to get back to work.

Here are Piercey’s predictions for Rumble in the Cage 58:

Jared Kilkenny (13-9) vs Craig Hudson (4-6): Fight Preview

“Kilkenny’s been pretty active in the cage over the last 16 months, and I think that’s going to play a factor.”

Prediction: Kilkenny wins by TKO in the first round.

Josh Heinz (3-1) vs Jared Henderson (4-4): Fight Preview

“This is going to be an exciting fight between two heavy-handed guys. One punch from either one of these guys can definitely end it quickly, but I think Heinz will use his explosiveness to finish the fight.”

Prediction: Heinz wins by TKO in the first round.

Lucas Neufeld (2-0) vs Nick Bell (2-1): Fight Preview

“Neufeld’s going to want to take Bell down, drag him into deep waters and overwhelm him with pressure.”

Prediction: Neufeld wins by submission in the second round.

Sheldon Doll (5-3) vs Brad Robinson (1-3)

“Doll’s been stacking up some pretty impressive wins over his last three fights. Robinson’s probably going to want to put an end to that, but I think Doll will use his superior striking, and put an end to it in the first round.”

Prediction: Doll wins by TKO in the first round.

Colton Cronkite (1-0) vs Matt Heim (1-7)

“This is a fight I’m extremely excited for. I think Heim is going to want to keep the fight standing, while Cronkite is probably going to use his strong grappling to get the fight to the ground and lock in a submission.

Prediction: Cronkite wins by submission in the first round.

Rio Gillis (2-3) vs Brett Dumas (1-2)

“I’m expecting both Gillis and Dumas to want to keep this fight standing, which will make for an exciting scrap.”

Prediction: Gillis wins by unanimous decision.

Joel Odorski (2-0) vs John Moore (0-0)

“Odorski has the cage experience in his favour. He’s had two good finishes inside the cage, and that experience is going to be the factor.”

Prediction: Odorski wins by second round submission.