UFC on ESPN 40: Santos vs. Hill main card staff predictions

Can Jamahal Hill continue his ascent up the heavyweight division ladder? Can Vicente Luque rebound against Geoff Neal? The predictions from the MMA Empire team, along with our guest picker, can be found below for the six-fight main card.

Our guest picker for this event is Canadian UFC bantamweight fighter Chad Anheliger (12-5). After picking up an impressive upset win on Dana White’s Contender Series last summer over Muin Gafurov, Anheliger impressed even more in his UFC debut, scoring the third round TKO finish over Jesse Strader back in February. Anheliger will look to remain undefeated in the UFC when he takes on Heili Alateng at UFC 279 next month.

2022 standings thru UFC 277

1. Kylan Knowler (89-49) 128-93-3 in 2021

T2. Cole Shelton (88-50) 138-83-3 in 2021 *Champion

T2. Jason Hagholm (88-50) N/A in 2021

4. Joe McDonagh (87-51) 122-99-3 in 2021

T5. Joel Griffith (86-52) 135-86-3 in 2021

T5. Cooper Riehl (86-52) 136-85-3 in 2021

7. Cody Rempel (85-53) 134-87-3 in 2021

8. Dylan Bowker (83-55) 113-108-3 in 2021

9. Guest picker (76-62) 115-106-3 in 2021

Thiago Santos vs. Jamahal Hill

Kylan Knowler: Jamahal Hill via decision.

Cole Shelton: Jamahal Hill via TKO.

Jason Hagholm: Jamahal Hill via TKO.

Joe McDonagh: Jamahal Hill via decision.

Joel Griffith: Jamahal Hill via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Jamahal Hill via TKO.

Cody Rempel: Jamahal Hill via TKO.

Dylan Bowker: Thiago Santos via decision.

Chad Anheliger: Jamahal Hill via TKO.

Picks – Thiago Santos: 1, Jamahal Hill: 8

Vicente Luque vs. Geoff Neal

Kylan Knowler: Vicente Luque via decision.

Cole Shelton: Vicente Luque via decision.

Jason Hagholm: Vicente Luque via decision.

Joe McDonagh: Vicente Luque via decision.

Joel Griffith: Vicente Luque via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Vicente Luque via decision.

Cody Rempel: Vicente Luque via decision.

Dylan Bowker: Vicente Luque via decision.

Chad Anheliger: Vicente Luque via decision.

Picks – Vicente Luque: 9, Geoff Neal: 0

Mohammed Usman vs. Zac Pauga

Kylan Knowler: Zac Pauga via decision.

Cole Shelton: Zac Pauga via decision.

Jason Hagholm: Zac Pauga via TKO.

Joe McDonagh: Mohammed Usman via decision.

Joel Griffith: Zac Pauga via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Zac Pauga via TKO.

Cody Rempel: Zac Pauga via decision.

Dylan Bowker: Mohammed Usman via TKO.

Chad Anheliger: Zac Pauga via decision.

Picks – Mohammed Usman: 2, Zac Pauga: 7

Brogan Walker vs. Juliana Miller

Kylan Knowler: Brogan Walker via decision.

Cole Shelton: Brogan Walker via decision.

Jason Hagholm: Juliana Miller via decision.

Joe McDonagh: Brogan Walker via decision.

Joel Griffith: Brogan Walker via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Juliana Miller via submission.

Cody Rempel: Juliana Miller via submission.

Dylan Bowker: Brogan Walker via decision.

Chad Anheliger: Brogan Walker via decision.

Picks – Brogan Walker: 6, Juliana Miller: 3

Augusto Sakai vs. Sergey Spivak

Kylan Knowler: Sergey Spivak via submission.

Cole Shelton: Sergey Spivak via TKO.

Jason Hagholm: Sergey Spivak via submission.

Joe McDonagh: Sergey Spivak via knockout.

Joel Griffith: Sergey Spivak via TKO.

Cooper Riehl: Sergey Spivak via TKO.

Cody Rempel: Sergey Spivak via decision.

Dylan Bowker: Sergey Spivak via decision.

Chad Anheliger: Sergey Spivak via submission.

Picks – Augusto Sakai: 0, Sergey Spivak: 9

Ariane Lipski vs. Priscila Cachoeira

Kylan Knowler: Ariane Lipski via decision.

Cole Shelton: Ariane Lipski via TKO.

Jason Hagholm: Ariane Lipski via decision.

Joe McDonagh: Ariane Lipski via decision.

Joel Griffith: Ariane Lipski via TKO.

Cooper Riehl: Ariane Lipski via decision.

Cody Rempel: Ariane Lipski via submission.

Dylan Bowker: Ariane Lipski via decision.

Chad Anheliger: Ariane Lipski via decision.

Picks – Ariane Lipski: 9, Priscila Cachoeira: 0