Josh Hill believes Marcos Breno ‘hasn’t beat anyone like me,’ eyes top-five opponent next after Bellator 284

Josh Hill
Josh Hill gets his hand raised following his win at Bellator 272. (Credit: Bellator MMA)

Josh Hill believes his experience will be too much for Marcos Breno.

Hill (21-4) was supposed to face Matheus Mattos on Friday at Bellator 284, but the Brazilian was forced out of the fight. He was then replaced by Breno (14-2) for the bantamweight bout.

“Not too familiar, but I have watched a couple of his fights. He looks like he’s an aggressive, up-and-coming guy who likes to strike, and a good jiu-jitsu guy. Pretty similar to my original opponent,” Hill said to MMA Empire.

“He’s 14-2, coming off a good win in his first fight in Bellator and I expect him to come out hot and try and make a statement.”

Against Breno, Hill is confident his foe hasn’t fought anyone of his skillset or fight IQ. He knows he will be the smarter fighter, which will lead to him getting his hand raised.

“My last opponent in Scoggins had never been knocked out either; anyone can get knocked out. He’s definitely good, but he hasn’t fought somebody like me,” Hill said.

“His last loss was to Lapilus, who is very good and I lost a split decision to that I thought I won and he lost a three-round unanimous. He’s a high-caliber guy, but he hasn’t beat anyone like me and I don’t think he’s fought someone as experienced or as strong and explosive, and with the fight IQ that I have.”

If Hill does get his hand raised on Friday, he hopes he can get at least one more fight in this year and mentions Juan Archuleta or Kyoji Horiguchi as possible opponents.

With the grand prix still going on, Hill hopes he can fight someone who has been eliminated to prove he belonged in the grand prix and is a real threat for the title.

“These rankings are bulls**t. I’ve even talked to the matchmaker and they have said don’t worry about the rankings. If I get a nice win, they will have to give me someone in that top five,” Hill said.

“The semifinals are on this fall and the finals will probably be first quarter next year, but whoever wins the tournament will face Pettis, which will be in the summer. That will make it a bit of a delay, but a win here puts me in that top five to fight whoever isn’t in the grand prix and then one more win and I get that top contender spot.”

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