Predictions: BFL 73

Battlefield Fight League is back with BFL 73 tomorrow night in Vancouver. The main event will see Navid Zanganeh and Austin Batra battle for the BFL interim lightweight title, while the co-main event features bantamweight prospects Ali Wasuk and Oguzhan Yalcin doing battle. Check out my predictions for the card below.

Austin Batra (0-2) vs. Navid Zanganeh (0-0): PRO Interim Lightweight Title Bout**

The fact BFL has Zanganeh in the main event slot and competing for a belt in his professional debut shows how high they are on him. Zanganeh is as elite as they come in the wrestling department, while Batra possesses true one-punch knockout power. While Batra could easily land one of his big shots and end the fight at any moment, I have to side with the elite wrestling of Zanganeh.

Prediction: Zanganeh wins via decision.

Ali Wasuk (4-2) vs. Oguzhan Yalcin (2-0): PRO Bantamweight FIGHT PREVIEW

This is my favourite fight on the card. Yalcin, another elite-level wrestler, has looked unstoppable so far in his career, but he receives a massive step up in competition with Wasuk. If Wasuk can stuff the takedown attempts of Yalcin, he will likely have success on the feet. This one is going to come down to the level of success Yalcin has with the takedowns and could be a very close fight.

Prediction: Wasuk wins via decision.

Josh Kwiatkowski (5-5) vs. Maxime Soucy (2-1): PRO Featherweight KWIATKOWSKI PREVIEW, SOUCY PREVIEW

Kwiatkowski has a massive experience edge coming into this one, including having faced the much tougher competition. However, Soucy is a tougher test than his record indicates as well. This has the makings of fight of the night and I’m going to side with Kwiatkowski as he lives for these kind of wars.

Prediction: Kwiatkowski wins via TKO.

Christian Tremayne (3-2) vs. Adam De Freitas (1-2): PRO Lightweight

There seems to be a fair amount of bad blood between these two coming in, which makes things even more interesting. I think this could come down to whether or not De Freitas can find success with the takedowns. While I do see Tremayne having some success on the feet early, I think De Freitas gets the finish in his world.

Prediction: De Freitas wins via submission.

Ash Mashreghi (6-7) vs. James Foster (2-3-1): PRO Middleweight

Mashreghi hasn’t competed in over four years now, which is certainly a factor to consider. However, he does hold some impressive wins earlier in his career, including a victory over BFL champion Dejan Kajic. It feels like this one will be an all out war for as long as it lasts, which I don’t anticipate will be long.

Prediction: Mashreghi wins via TKO.

Raphael Ouellet (0-0) vs. Makinde Adeyemi (0-3): PRO Featherweight

After a lengthy amateur career in Europe, Adeyemi has yet to find his footing in the professional ranks. On the other side, Ouellet is making his pro debut after a shorter amateur career. Much like his brother, Ouellet has a deadly ground game and I see him utilizing that fully here.

Prediction: Ouellet wins via submission.

Brandon Labrecque (0-0) vs. Samson Bieri (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

Both fighters are set to make their professional debuts here. Bieri had a solid amateur career with his only loss coming to one of the top amateurs in the country in Usman Khattak. Bieri is very dangerous on the feet and I think he will be a little too much for Labrecque here.

Prediction: Bieri wins via TKO.

Hugh Gleeson (7-3-1) vs. Abdalla El-Hefnawy (0-1): AMATEUR Lightweight Title Bout**

It’s interesting to see El-Hefnawy with the title shot after just one amateur fight, but he does come from a good camp. I though Gleeson would’ve been going professional by now, but perhaps this could be the icing on the cake for his amateur career. It’s hard to overlook the huge experience edge Gleeson has here, so I have to side with him.

Prediction: Gleeson wins via decision.

Josh Lam (2-2) vs. Brandon Owen (1-1): AMATEUR Bantamweight Title Bout**

This is the point of the card where things get very tough to predict. I’m not too familiar with Owen, but I know Lam comes from a really good gym in Titan Training Centre, so he will be well-prepared to take home the title.

Prediction: Lam wins via TKO.

Jason Giroux (0-2) vs. John Kutz (0-2): AMATEUR Featherweight

Both fighters are looking to taste victory for the first time in their amateur careers. While Giroux does possess a pretty dangerous ground game, Kutz seems to have been putting in some solid work this camp.

Prediction: Kutz wins via decision.

Daniel Abdenour (1-0) vs. Liam Arthur (1-0): AMATEUR Lightweight

From the little I’ve seen of both guys, this should be a fun fight and truly could go either way in my mind.

Prediction: Abdenour wins via decision.

Nelson Spreeuw (0-1) vs. Tage Castonguay (0-0): AMATEUR 150 pounds

Without knowing anything about Castonguay, I’ll have to side with the strong ground game of Spreeuw.

Prediction: Spreeuw wins via submission.

Ryan Oakes (0-2) vs. Cannon Tass (0-1): AMATEUR 180 pounds

Another tough one to call here with such little information available, but I’m going to side with Tass.

Prediction: Tass wins via TKO.

Rachel Hofer (0-0) vs. Kendall Stewart (0-0): AMATEUR Women’s Bantamweight

Both women are making their amateur debuts here, so it’s basically a coin flip. I’ll give the edge to Hofer due to the level of training partners she spars with on the regular.

Prediction: Hofer wins via decision.

Jake Taylor (0-0) vs. Roman Tasone (0-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

This one truly is a coin flip for me.

Prediction: Tasone wins via TKO.