Predictions: Unified MMA 44

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Alana Cook
Alana Cook in action against Max Turcotte-Novosedlik at Pallas Athena WFC 1. (Photo by Joel Griffith/MMA Empire)

For Unified MMA 44, Alana Cook (2-0) has stepped in to provide her predictions and analysis for the 18 MMA bouts on the card.

After an impressive amateur career, Cook has stormed out of the gates in her professional career, already securing two wins this year. Her most recent victory was last week at BFL 72 where she took the unanimous decision over Maria Demers. At the pace she’s on, look for her next bout announcement in the next couple months.

Here are Cook’s predictions for Unified MMA 44:

Noah Ali (10-5-1) vs. Gabe Sagman (7-4): PRO Bantamweight Title Bout** ALI PREVIEW, SAGMAN PREVIEW

“This one’s going to be a banger. After reading the interviews, Ali talks about how he’s ‘fighting for fun now,’ which can be a dangerous mindset when you’re paired against a young, hungry opponent who’s still looking to make it into the big show. When it comes to striker vs. wrestler, my money is always on the grappler, and since Sagman won’t have to cut much weight as he comes up from flyweight, his cardio is going to be on another level. While Ali is a proven veteran who has the hometown advantage, I give the W to Sagman as he continues his momentum on a two-fight win streak.”

Prediction: Sagman wins via decision.

Tom O’Connor (9-2) vs. John Nguyen (4-2): PRO Featherweight O’CONNOR PREVIEW, NGUYEN PREVIEW

“Nguyen impressed me with ferocity and power in his past two fights, shocking the audience with wins over notable names like Josh Kwiatkowski and Gagan Gill. While O’Connor may be the betting favourite, I see Nguyen battling it out until the bitter end and taking home the win.”

Prediction: Nguyen wins via decision.

Curtis Demarce (18-16) vs. Tim Smith (15-12): PRO Lightweight

“Both fighters are unfortunately on losing streaks, but the pedigree of Demarce’s losses come at the hands of noteworthy killers like Achilles Estremadura and Neal Anderson. I see Demarce pulling it together and getting back in the W column.”

Prediction: Demarce wins via decision.

Matt Krayco (8-9-1) vs. Zack Powell (5-1): PRO 165 pounds FIGHT PREVIEW

“Other than a controversial split decision loss to Dario Sinagoga back in 2021, Powell has been chalking up victory after victory, while Krayco’s record is spotty. Even though Powell’s past few victories have come by decision, I’d like to see him go back to his roots and win the fight by arm bar or triangle. Since most of Krayco’s losses come by way of submission, I can see this fight ending favourably for Powell.”

Prediction: Powell wins via submission.

Chris Lee Byrne (5-1) vs. Ali Charkie (2-1): PRO Middleweight

“Byrne is very careful about who he fights, so he must have a strategy for agreeing to this matchup against Charkie. While both fighters are on a win streak, I see this ending by submission for Byrne, who hasn’t lost a fight since 2017.”

Prediction: Byrne wins via submission.

Chris Chapman (4-3) vs. Dylan Schellenberg (1-2): PRO Welterweight

“Schellenberg is a tough welterweight with a sick guillotine, but his last win came over someone fighting well above his weight class. Chapman is coming in hot to redeem his recent loss, and I see the fight ending with a TKO via ground and pound late in the third round as he eventually grinds Schellenberg out.”

Prediction: Chapman wins via TKO.

Nick Leblanc (1-0) vs. Quade Bujold (0-0): PRO Lightweight

“Leblanc is on a four-fight win streak and hungry as he dives into the pro world. I couldn’t find any info on Bujold.”

Prediction: Leblanc wins via TKO.

Sean Michael (1-0) vs. Jeremy Grieve (0-0): PRO Lightweight

“This fight looks fairly close on paper, but Michael has been more active and has more ring time under his belt.”

Prediction: Michael wins via TKO.

Kristopher Bryan (0-0) vs. Hunter Lee (0-0): PRO Middleweight

“Lee cinched his first victory with a speedy submission, exactly like Bryan! This could easily go either way, but I’ll give it to the guy with more cage experience.”

Prediction: Bryan wins via submission.

John Moore (0-0) vs. Sebastian Lopez (0-0): PRO Middleweight

“All of Moore’s wins come because of some serious damage he conducted with his fists, so I say he makes this a bloody one and keeps the wins going. Could not find information about Lopez.”

Prediction: Moore wins via knockout.

Dan Kovalchuk (6-3) vs. Derek Khosa (2-2): AMATEUR Lightweight

“I love a good rematch, and with both fighters coming off losses (and long fight layoffs) they’re both going to be itching to scrap. This fight will be close, but if Khosa can stay patient and choose his shots, I can see his power and range stealing the victory from Kovalchuk.”

Prediction: Khosa wins via TKO.

Leo Bonin (2-1) vs. Patrick Pajda (1-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

“While both fighters are game to compete, Bonin’s impressive record of submissions leads me to believe he will keep the streak going.”

Prediction: Bonin wins via submission.

Arman Deol (1-1) vs. Robert Noble (1-1): AMATEUR Featherweight

“This fight could go either way, but my tendency is to favour a fighter with stoppage wins over decisions.”

Prediction: Noble wins via TKO.

AJ Markett (0-0) vs. Sean Carroll (2-2): AMATEUR Lightweight

“After a dominant first victory, it will be interesting to see how Markett fares against a more experienced opponent in Carroll.”

Prediction: Markett wins via decision.

Travis Erlam (0-0) vs. Said Dzafic (0-0): AMATEUR Middleweight

“With no prior fights, this could go either way. But Erlam is a brown belt and Dzafic has no public information, so I’ll draw my own conclusions.”

Prediction: Erlam wins via submission.

Dillon Lewis (0-0) vs. Terell Jonasson (0-0): AMATEUR Heavyweight

“Heavyweights are always fun to watch and this is another one that’s tough to score. Either way, I see it ending with someone face down on the floor.”

Prediction: Jonasson wins via knockout.

Justin Fernandez (0-0) vs. Bruce Roussin (0-0): AMATEUR Bantamweight

“Both fighters are relative unknowns, so this fight could go either way.”

Prediction: Fernandez wins via decision.

Mac Stroud (1-2) vs. Phil Lauzon (3-2): AMATEUR Welterweight

“Lauzon seemed like a fairly active fighter pre-COVID, and once he’s in the cage it’ll be like riding a bike.”

Prediction: Lauzon wins via submission.

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