Gabe Sagman plans to put ‘a hellacious pace’ on Noah Ali to become Unified MMA bantamweight champ at Unified MMA 44

Gabe Sagman
Gabe Sagman in the cage at BTC 13. (Credit Patrick Duffy/BTC Fight Promotions)

Stoney Creek, Ont.’s Gabe Sagman (7-4) was excited when he found out he would fight Noah Ali (10-5-1), and the excitement only grew when it was announced it would be for the Unified bantamweight title in the Unified MMA 44 main event on Friday night.

Sagman, 30, is coming off two straight wins, with the last being back in November. After the win, he wanted to make a quick turnaround, and although that isn’t the case here, it was well worth the wait for Sagman who now fights for gold.

“I found out about the opponent first and Ali is a veteran and has been around the scene for a while, so I was pumped to fight him,” Sagman said to MMA Empire.

“Then, Unified told us it would be for the belt and that only adds more hype to the fight. But, as I said, I’m pumped to test myself against someone with that level of competition and I want to fight the best, and Noah is that.”

Once Sagman began his training camp and studying Ali, he expects this one to be a fun fight for the fans.

He knows they both like to stand and bang, and that is what he expects here.

“I think we are similar styles. We both like to come forward and like to put on entertaining fights for the fans,” Sagman said.

“We are both durable and it makes for such a great main event and title fight.”

Although Sagman plans to stand and trade with Ali in the main event of Unified MMA 44, he believes his pace will also be the difference-maker.

Sagman doubts Ali will be able to keep up with his pace and once he gets Ali tired he will find the stoppage win, whether it comes by knockout or submission.

“I’m always looking for the finish, but going five rounds I need to be prepared for that,” Sagman said.

“I’ve been working on my cardio a lot and my plan is to be a hellacious pace on him for five rounds if need be, but make no mistake, I’ll look to end the fight any opportunity I get.”

Should Sagman get his hand raised on Friday night, and does so by stoppage, he believes he could earn a shot on Dana White’s Contender Series this summer.

If not, the plan is to be as active as possible and defend his belt as often as possible.

“This is the fight to showcase my skill set and get to the bigger promotions,” said Sagman.

“Being a regional champ puts more eyes on me, so after I win this belt, unless I get a Contender Series shot or another big opportunity like that, I want to defend this belt as active as possible.”

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