Adam Assenza excited to fight back at home, vows to finish Dominic Clark in the main event of BTC 15

Adam Assenza
Adam Assenza (Credit: B2 Fighting Series)

Adam Assenza will finally fight back at home.

Burlington, Ont.’s Assenza (15-6) will headline BTC 15 on Saturday night in Burlington in lightweight action against Dominic Clark (15-11). It is set to be his second fight of 2022, which is exactly what Assenza wanted as he says the plan was to be as active as possible this year.

“In general, I like to stay busy. I like to fight as often as possible. The only time I won’t fight is if I’m injured. I had a few minor injuries over the past couple of years and pushed through them,” Assenza said to MMA Empire.

“Sometimes your body just won’t let you go, but I’m healthy and ready to rock and just hoping to stay as busy as I can.”

Not only will this be his second fight of 2022 but it will also be his second straight fighting in Canada.

For the 34-year-old, he says he’s pumped to fight back at home as he believes when the crowd is behind him that is when he’s at his best.

“I love it, man. For the last couple of years I’ve been fighting in the States and beating up their guys and champs. I’m getting booed, but when I fight at home I’ll be cheered and it will excite me,” Assenza added.

“Then, I’m the main event in my hometown of Burlington and it will be good to have a crowd that will pump me up and allows me to do my thing.”

When Assenza does step into the cage on Saturday night, he will be facing the 26-fight veteran Clark. The American has been fighting all over North America and is a respected veteran of the game, which Assenza knows.

Yet, even though Clark has fought in the bigger promotions like Bellator and LFA, Assenza believes this is the statement fight he needs. Not only does he expect to win at home, but he’s confident he will get the stoppage win.

“He’s a veteran, a tough guy, really good everywhere, and a really dangerous opponent. I’m going for the finish no matter who I’m fighting. I’m not happy with my performance unless I get the finish,” Assenza said.

“As I said, he’s a tough guy and really good everywhere, but I know I can finish him.”

Should Assenza do as he says and get the stoppage win, he hopes the UFC or other big promotions will notice him and offer him a contract.

“I’m not sure what it does for me, but I’m trying to rack up these wins, have impressive finishes, and get the attention of these top promotions like the UFC. That’s my goal,” Assenza concluded.

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