Ageless Wonder, Mein, Set for Heavyweight Tilt With Roy

At 50 years old, Lethbridge’s Lee Mein isn’t ready to stop. Not even close.

Mein (8-13) will set foot in the cage once again Saturday night in the main event for Fight Night 6, welcoming a tough test in Winnipeg’s Steve Roy (2-2). The pair will be the main event of the evening, and be competing in the heavyweight division.

Mein said it’s the pure love of the sport that continues to drive him, plus the thrill of training with an end goal in mind.

Lee Mein Rumble in the Cage
Lee Mein preparing to enter the cage at Rumble in the Cage 54. (Photo courtesy of Rumble in the Cage)

“It forces me to make sure I get the rounds in, the stuff I want to do, on top of my normal training where I’m rolling with the guys and teaching classes,” said Mein in an interview.

“But there’s that certain intensity level when preparing for a fight, and it’s just keeps you driven and focused.”

It’s been nearly two decades since Mein’s first professional bout, but he said despite the 20-year increase in age, he actually feels he’s in better shape now.

“20 years ago I was more athletic and agile, but with my consistency in training now, I just feel my overall conditioning is better,” said Mein.

Mein’s improved conditioning may very well come in handy against Roy on Saturday night as the further a heavyweight bout goes, the fighter with the better conditioning most often comes out on top.

He said he’s aware of Roy’s strengths as a striker, but he tries not to zone in on one area of his opponent’s game as you just never know what can happen.

“You can’t get tunnel vision on one area,” said Mein.

“My plan is to always work on my weaknesses, keep my strengths strong, and deal with what he does at the time.”

Roy’s Cardio up for Challenge

Despite Mein’s top-notch conditioning, Roy, 34, believes his own cardio and speed is at a level most heavyweights aren’t used to seeing.

He said he can cut weight as low as 185 pounds, so although he will appear smaller in comparison to most heavyweights, his speed and conditioning take over.

“When it comes to the heavyweight division, cardio, speed and precision are my keys,” said Roy in an interview.

“If I finish it in the first round or the third, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to be pushing a pace that Lee won’t be able to keep.”

Roy said with he and Mein’s styles meeting in the cage, this has the makings of an entertaining fight for the fans.

He said he’s expecting to see the best version of Mein possible, and is prepared for an all out war.

“When it comes to Lee Mein, I’m expecting him just to bring it,” said Roy.

“He’s a big beast, he’s a tough dude, he’s fighting in his hometown, and he likes to throw hands and keep it entertaining.”

When the offer to fight Mein was put on the table, Roy said he didn’t have to think twice about it.

He said to be able to share the cage with Mein will be an honour, and said he has nothing but respect for him.

“He’s a living legend. He’s one of the best Canadian heavyweights ever,” said Roy.

“I just relished at the opportunity to fight him.”