Batra, Aujla-Fieldt Look to Take Next Step With Welterweight Title

Two elite-level amateur fighters with identical MMA records will square off for the BFL welterweight championship Saturday night.

Austin Batra (3-1) and Justin Aujla-Fieldt (3-1) are set to meet in the cage at BFL 55, taking place at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam B.C.

Batra, 22, is also currently the amateur welterweight champion of Fivestar Fight League, but said winning his second belt in a second promotion is just a small stepping stone to future success.

Austin Batra
Austin Batra (Photo courtesy of Austin Batra)

“These small achievements are just something to look back on for a short period of time, and then get right back into it,” said Batra in an interview.

“Another title is just another medal for me. The main goal is to go pro, and get a chance at that UFC gold.”

Standing in the way of Batra’s triumph will be the toughest test of his young career in Aujla-Fieldt.

Much like Batra, Aujla-Fieldt is coming off his first career loss the last time he stepped in the cage. Batra said he’s expecting a heated, emotional battle that could turn many different directions.

“I honestly see two men coming in May 26 and putting it all out in the cage. Blood, sweat, tears; whatever it is, anything goes,” said Batra.

“To everyone coming out and everyone watching this fight, don’t blink.”

While Batra has remained active in the MMA scene over the last couple years, Aujla-Fieldt is coming off an almost four-year layoff, with his last fight taking place back in July of 2014.

But despite the lengthy absence, Batra said he doesn’t expect there to be any rust to shake off for his opponent.

“If you’re a fighter, it doesn’t matter how much time you take off. You should be able to just bounce back,” said Batra.

“Four years is a long time, but if he’s been actively training, it shouldn’t make a difference.”

Aujla-Fieldt Coming in Fine-Tuned

Well, Aujla-Fieldt has been training. And training hard at Pacific Top Team in Kelowna.

His last contest, and only loss, came in a title challenge for this same BFL welterweight title back in 2014.

Aujla-Fieldt, 24, said he found plenty of holes in his game that were exposed in the defeat, and he’s now looking forward to showing just how hard he’s worked to fill those holes.

Justin Aujla-Fieldt
Justin Aujla-Fieldt (Photo courtesy of Justin Aujla-Fieldt)

“It’s going to be a real showcase for me of the things I’ve been working on in the dungeon. I’ve been training, hitting the drawing board real hard and just trying to perfect things,” said Aujla-Fieldt in an interview.

“I understand it’s an amateur title and, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the biggest deal, but where I’m at right now, it’s a big step in the right direction. It’s just part of my journey.”

Heading into Saturday’s matchup, Aujla-Fieldt said one area of Batra’s game he’ll be looking to negate is his strong wrestling.

While one of his own stronger areas is jiu-jitsu, Aujla-Fieldt said he’s going to look to keep the fight standing, where he also feels he has the advantage.

“From what I’ve seen of his striking, he seems a little lacklustre in the standup department,” said Aujla-Fieldt.

“I’ve been working that game plan of sprawl and brawl, but with a little more technical approach to it, and with more flow.”

Although wrestling is Batra’s strength, Aujla-Fieldt said it won’t take long for Batra to realize he’s no slouch in that department himself.

Aujla-Fieldt said the more takedown attempts he can stuff, the more frustration will start to set in for Batra, leaving the door open for him to begin picking and choosing his shots.

“He’s explosive and aggressive, and I think it’s going to be a lot of weathering the storm initially,” said Aujla-Fieldt.

“If I can weather that storm and keep my pace consistent, I can hopefully break him and get the finish in the first or second round.”

Aujla-Fieldt Shoutouts

“I’d just like to give a little shoutout to my friends and family, and the ones who love and support me.”

Batra Shoutouts

“I would like to thank Coach Ryan at Diaz Combat Sports, Nate Olson from Krav Maga, Coach Inder from Bisla Martial Arts, and all the teammates I’ve trained with at both camps. I’d like to give my best friend a shoutout for putting up with me, and going through all the ups and downs of the fight camp. And to my family; my dad especially and my grandma, those two people mean the world to me.”