Boser Set for Desert Duel at ACB 81

All the way across the world, Edmonton’s Tanner Boser will go to work Friday night.

Boser (13-4) will take on DJ Linderman (21-13) in a heavyweight showdown at ACB 81 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

After a full day of travel and a significant time change, many people would need a few days to become acclimated, but Boser, 26, said this type of transition doesn’t bother him. He said he typically works a lot of nights, so he doesn’t have your average sleep schedule to begin with.

Tanner Boser
Tanner Boser will face DJ Linderman at ACB 81. (Photo courtesy of Tanner Boser)

“My schedule’s pretty malleable. I sleep when I’m tired, and I eat when I’m hungry,” said Boser in an interview.

“I’m not very regimented in terms of schedule, so that kind of thing doesn’t bother me.”

Boser’s opponent, Linderman, 34, will also make a similar length trip as he will be fighting out of Yreka, CA. He brings with him a load of experience with 34 professional fights under his belt.

Boser said he knows Linderman likes to look for the knockout punch, and is expecting to have to go to war with him.

“It’s just a case of not getting caught by one of his big punches early in the fight,” said Boser.

“He keeps a good pace and he’s got a good chin. He’s tough and can take a lot of punishment, so I expect it to be a hard fight, and I expect both of us to take a lot of damage.”

Both Boser and Linderman have their fair share of knockout victories in their respective careers, but Boser feels he’s the superior and more technical striker.

Boser’s coming off a TKO victory over Dave Cryer (11-4) at ACB 72, while Linderman is looking to rebound from a TKO loss to Amirkhan Isagadzhiev (3-1) at ACB 71.

“I see the fight playing out mostly on the feet, and hopefully it’s just me beating him up for three rounds,” said Boser.

Boser in Top Shape

Boser had two main coaches leading up to this bout; Jeff Montemurro at Little Sweatshop and Keijero Noda at Frank Lee’s.

Montemurro said they worked on a lot of wrestling and ground work, but also continue to put a strong focus on his kicks.

“He’s always been a phenomenal leg-kicker, but now we’re expanding on that. We’re going to make him a danger everywhere when it comes to kicking,” said Montemurro in an interview.

“He’s prepared for pretty much any scenario that happens in this fight.”

Boser’s strength and conditioning just continues to get better and better in each fight he prepares for.

Even when he’s not training for a specific fight, Montemurro said Boser always stays in phenomenal shape, which is rare to see among heavyweight fighters.

“Right now, Tanner’s in the best shape he’s ever been in,” said Montemurro.

“He’s always in great shape, and then just takes it to the next level every time.”