Macdonald Expecting Stand-Up War With Theocharis

With six knockouts in their 10 combined amateur and professional victories, Cam Macdonald and Tom Theocharis are primed for a fight of the night performance.

Athabasca’s Macdonald (1-0) and London, Ont.’s Theocharis (0-1) will square off in a professional lightweight bout at Prestige FC 9 in Fort McMurray on March 2.

Although he’s expecting a brawl, Macdonald said he’s prepared for wherever the fight goes, and believes his style is something Theocharis may have a hard time adapting to.

Cam Macdonald
Cam Macdonald taking on Sean Michaels on Hard Knocks 51. (Joel Griffith)

“I don’t think Tom has faced too many people like me,” said Macdonald in an interview.

“It’s definitely going to be a brawl.”

Although Macdonald has only had one professional fight, he had a long amateur career in which he built up plenty of cage experience, and faced a variety of opponents.

One opponent he’s always wanted to share the cage with, but never has, is Theocharis. Until Friday.

“I’ve been watching Tom fight for a couple years now,” said Macdonald.

“We’ve had him on our radar for awhile now, so we were expecting this fight sooner or later.”

Macdonald’s been working all areas of his game at New Path MMA leading into this bout, and feels confident in his ability to finish the fight.

In his eight combined professional and amateur fights, Macdonald has yet to be knocked out. And he doesn’t see that changing on Friday night.

“I see me finishing him, or winning a brutal decision. I know he’s not going to finish me. I’m pretty durable,” said Macdonald.

Theocharis Confident in Superiority

As expected, Theocharis doesn’t agree.

Theocharis said he’s a big advocate of watching film on opponents, he has a pretty good grasp on what to expect from Macdonald when the cage doors close.

“Honestly, I’m better than this guy in every single aspect of MMA,” said Theocharis in an interview.

“He’s literally just got a punchers chance.”

Despite believing his superiority in all areas, Theocharis hasn’t been taking training lightly, as he even began camp down in Las Vegas at the UFC Performance Institute and Xtreme Couture.

He made the trip just after Christmas with a few fellow Canadians in TJ Laramie and Jeremy Kennedy, and said it was all business.

“I love going on trips like these so I can meet new people, learn new tricks and skills, and just gain a whole new experience,” said Theocharis.

“I have a bunch of confidence going into this fight just because I’ve had such a good training camp.”

Despite all the wins in his amateur career being finishes, Theocharis said it’s not something he goes in there looking for, but instead just lets it come to him.

He said his main focus is earning the win, no matter how it comes.

“I’ve pictured this fight in my head a million times, and I’ve pictured myself winning a million times. And that’s all that matters,” said Theocharis.

“I don’t care how it’s done, but it’ll be my hand getting raised.”