Maxime Soucy prepared to overwhelm Josh Kwiatkowski with a technical approach at BFL 73

Maxime Soucy
Maxime Soucy enters the cage at BFL 70. (Credit: Battlefield Fight League)

It’s time for another high-level fight card on the West Coast and, once again, BFL is set to deliver.

A potential fight of the night will take place when Quebec City’s Maxime Soucy (2-1) and Aldergrove, B.C.’s Josh Kwiatkowski (5-5) square off in a featherweight contest at BFL 73 in Vancouver, B.C.

“He’s a scary dude in a certain way because he’s going to go all in,” Soucy said in an interview with MMA Empire.

“He’s not scared to get hit and trade bombs. He’ll do whatever it takes to knock you out. He just wants to take your head off. It’s an interesting fight because I’m not used to that kind of fighter. I train with a lot of technical fighters. It’s kind of funny, it’s like how I used to fight, so if I have to just do it and throw bombs I have no problem with that.”

With Kwiatkowski being the most experienced fighter he’s faced in his young career, Soucy has a ton of respect for his resume.

However, Soucy expects the best version of himself to be simply too much for the Kwiatkowski this weekend.

“I’m much more skilled in every aspect of the sport. I’m a lot more technical,” Soucy said.

“I’ll be very well-prepared to set traps and make him pay. To be honest, I want to finish the fight but I don’t know where. Any opportunity is good for me. I feel like I can knock him out or take him to the ground if I want. I’m going to lead the dance and we’ll go where I decide to go.”

Training out of Tristar Montreal has given Soucy an opportunity to surround himself with a plethora of knowledge, as well as upper echelon technical and athletic ability.

He was quick to mention his grappling when asked where he feels most improved since turning professional.

“Tristar is known as one of the best grappling gyms in the world for a good reason,” Soucy said.

“So many great coaches and training partners. I’m lucky to be here on a daily basis. My ground game has come a long way in the last couple years.”

Known more for his lateral movement and striking acumen, Soucy was able to show off all the hard work he’s been putting in on the mats when he picked up a dominant decision win back at BFL 70.

“That fight proved I can grapple at a high level,” Soucy said.

“All my fights were mostly just standing and it’s where I’m the most dangerous for sure, but it was nice to be able to apply everything I’ve been working on in the gym. It was an opportunity to let go, not feel the pressure and just have fun. The main plan was to get more time in the cage. In my first two pro fights I didn’t get a lot of cage time, so it was a good experience.”

Although he’s laser focused on this weekend, there is a certain someone Soucy has had his eye on since long before the Kwiatkowski matchup was made; a top contender in BFL that could help elevate his status.

“Mateo Vogel is a target for sure. I was supposed to fight him a few years ago, so I would love that matchup,” Soucy explained.

“We weren’t able to fight because of my injury. I feel like I can beat him no problem and I’d love that opportunity. I want to pick the division apart and climb towards a title fight. All I know is I’m going to win this fight and then we’ll see where the opportunities are.”

Soucy’s shoutouts

“Everyone at the gym, all my coaches and training partners, and my main sponsor Déménagement Le Clan Panneton.” Follow Soucy on social media: INSTAGRAM