Olivier Poisson hopes to continue working his way towards title shot at MFL 18

Undefeated, undeterred, and on the rise.

Saint Rémi, QC’s Olivier Poisson (4-0) will look to remain undefeated and move one step closer to a title shot when he takes on Keith Henhawk (2-6) in an amateur featherweight bout at MFL 18 on Saturday night in Montreal, QC.

Poisson, 20, said although the end goal will always be a championship, he’s also happy taking it fight by fight, and growing as a martial artist in the process.

Olivier Poisson celebrates his victory at MFL 16. (Photo by Montreal Fight League)

“That is the goal of all the fighters, and I train hard, so I would like that. But I take it one fight by one fight. My coach and I know my goal,” said Poisson in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I’m sure I will have the chance to fight for the title if I continue like that. If it’s my next fight, I will be ready for sure. But if it’s not, I will continue to work hard. Otherwise, I take all my opponents seriously and my belt will come with time.”

Since making his amateur debut in Oct. 2019, Poisson has remained busy inside the cage, with Saturday’s bout set to be his fifth fight in under one year. On the other side, Henhawk hasn’t competed since June 2017.

But despite being the more active fighter, Poisson said he isn’t overlooking Henhawk, and isn’t looking at the activity differential as an advantage.

“I take all my opponents seriously, so I don’t take that as an advantage. In my mind, I told myself that he trained hard for three years and waited for his comeback,” said Poisson.

Familiar surroundings for Poisson

Poisson’s last outing in the cage was last month at MFL 17, a first round submission win over Drew Truax.

The MFL 17 event took place in the same no-crowd atmosphere in which Saturday’s MFL 18 will take place, a factor Poisson said had no affect on him the first time around.

Olivier Poisson
Olivier Poisson locks in the winning rear-naked choke on Matthew Paradis at MFL 16. (Photo by Montreal Fight League)

“Honestly, I’m so focused when I step into the cage that it didn’t affect me that much, so I’m comfortable doing that experience again Saturday,” said Poisson.

“Sure, the audience sets the ambiance and it’s fun to see all the people supporting you, but I know my family and friends support me through their screens.”

Poisson has proven to be a well-rounded fighter so far in his career, but has completed most of his damage on the ground with three of his four wins coming by rear-naked choke.

This time around, Poisson said he’s confident in all areas of the fight, but feels his biggest advantage will be in the wrestling department.

“I feel very confident with my wrestling, and that can be an advantage for me. Otherwise, I will try to surprise him with some striking skills that I worked on.”

Poisson’s Shoutouts

“Thanks to my coaches (Richard Ho and Simon) and all my training partners that helped me for my fight. Also, thanks to my family and friends who support me everyday. Go take a look at “La Boîte santé” for a training program, nutritions program and healthy Quebeceer product in a box who change each month.” Follow Poisson on social media: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM