Boser Signs with M-1 Global, Makes Debut Saturday Against Gadzhibabayev

The Bulldozer is back.

Tanner “The Bulldozer” Boser (15-5) returns to action this weekend at M-1 Challenge 101 in Almaty, Kazakhstan to take on Zaur Gadzhibabayev (7-2) in a heavyweight bout.

Earlier in the year, Boser signed a six-fight deal with M-1 Global and looks to kick things off by defeating the Azerbaijan native, Gadzhibabayev.

Tanner Boser
Tanner Boser makes the walk to the cage at ACB 81. (Photo courtesy of ACA)

“If the dominoes fall the way I want them too, I’ll knock him out, but if not I’ll piece him up for a decision,” Boser said.

Boser believes he has more tools to beat the less experienced Gadzhibabayev, but doesn’t see experience being a factor going into this bout.

“Experience only factors in so much. I think I have skills though, and I think I have way more skills than him,” Boser said.

Although the fight was just announced three weeks ago, Boser said he’s been training like he’s had a fight since the beginning of January. And he’s full prepared to take care of business against Gadzhibabayev.

“I’m always good to fight, so there’s no short notice here, I’m ready to go.”

His opponent, Gadzhibabayev, has finished all but two of his opponents in the first round. And if the fight goes into deeper waters, Boser said it’s bad news for his opponent.

“It’s bad news for him because I can fight all day,” Boser said.

Boser was riding a three-fight win streak heading into his last bout for ACA, formerly ACB, in November. The fight didn’t go his way and he now looks to turn things around this weekend.

“I’m going in to beat him up for the entire time. If he falls before that, great. If not, that’s fine.”

The deal with M-1 Global came together earlier this year when Boser signed with a new management company, EPOK Agency.

Boser explained he fulfilled his obligations with ACA prior to inking a deal with fellow Russian promotion, M-1 Global.

“M-1 is a great global promotion. They’re big, they’re international, and have some good fighters coming out of there. I’m stoked to fight for them.”