Terry Lemaire hopes to make his name known internationally with win at HRMMA 117

Terry Lemaire
Terry Lemaire weighs in for his bout at TKO 48. (Credit: TKO MMA)

Terry Lemaire is set for the biggest fight of his career to date.

Canada’s Lemaire (4-2) will head south once again to take on Isaiah Ferguson (8-2) in a bantamweight number one contender bout in the main event of HRMMA 117 in Shepherdsville, Ky. on Saturday night.

Ferguson presents as Lemaire’s toughest test of his career so far, and Lemaire, 31, said he views this as a perfect opportunity to make a statement outside of Canada.

“I feel like I can hang with anybody, and I just want to show the world that’s where I’m at. He (Ferguson) is a legit guy, he’s elite, ” said Lemaire in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I’m not speaking from ignorance, I’m speaking from confidence, just where I am mentally and physically. I think this would be a huge win on my record, and people would stop overlooking me.”

Prior to Ferguson, the most experienced opponent Lemaire had faced was Travis Hill (2-0), which was his most recent victory at SHP 57 in November.

Lemaire said he was looking to take a significant jump up in competition to truly test himself, and his wish was granted with Ferguson.

“He’s an elite guy, and that’s what I wanted. I’m in this sport to fight the hard guys, I’m not here to pick fights,” said Lemaire.

“I know he’s a BJJ black belt, he’s got some pretty decent stand-up, looks like he’s a hard-nosed guy, he’s tough, but I’m coming in with a pace he won’t be able to match.”

Despite not yet recording a knockout or TKO win on his resume, Lemaire’s presence in the cage is fronted by a strong muay thai background.

Lemaire said although he knows he will own the edge in the striking department over Ferguson, he’s also confident in his well-roundedness to win the fight in a variety of ways.

“It seems like he lays back a lot. I’m going to be putting the pressure on him and I’m going to be waiting for his shot; I know he’s going to shoot on me,” said Lemaire.

“If he wants to stand with me, that’s fine, but he’s going to be feeling my power and he won’t want to stay there too long with me. I feel like I’m well-versed. I don’t care where it goes because I’m going to be dictating where the fight goes, and I feel comfortable everywhere.”

Last week, the Canadian government announced new restrictions for travelers entering Canada in an effort to further control the spread of COVID-19. An official date for when these restrictions will be implemented has yet to be confirmed.

In order to try and avoid as much trouble at the boarder as possible, Lemaire and his coach opted to make the 15-plus-hour drive to Kentucky, as opposed to flying.

“We figured it would be less of a hassle, less red tape to get across the boarder. Online, it sounds like this is all geared more towards the flying and the airports and stuff like that,” said Lemaire.

“There’s no contact with anybody. It’s just me and my trainer, in and out, stopping for gas, going to fight, and coming back. Hopefully it all works out for us at the boarder.”

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