Unified MMA 41 – Live Results and Play-by-Play

Unified MMA is back for their second event in just over a month since their return. In the main event Matt Krayco has stepped up on just hours notice to take on Shane Campbell in the main event after Michael Hill pulled out due to undisclosed reasons. The fight will now be for the Welterweight Title. In the co-main event Christian Larsen defends his Heavyweight title against Grayson Wells.

The main card can be seen live on UFC Fight Pass, but if you can’t watch live, MMA Empire will have your live play-by-play all night right here.

  • Fight of the Night: Chris Chapman vs. Ali Charkie
  • Submission of the Night: Christian Larsen
  • Knockout of the Night: Chris Chapman

Pro Welterweight Title Fight- Shane Campbell (19-8) vs. Matt Krayco (8-8-1)
Round 1: Krayco opens with a low leg kick and catches a kick from Campbell. Krayco presses him against the cage and they jockey for position. They separate and Campbell looks for the toe stab. Big leg kick from Campbell and they trade a pair of leg kicks. Krayco looking to land and Campbell answers back. Krayco lands a leg kick and a calf kick. Campbell lands a left and Krayco presses forward with a combination. Leg kick lands for Campbell Krayco answers back. Krayco with a kick but Campbell uses it to get the takedown to full guard. Krayco tying him up and Campbell postures and looks to pass. Krayco working his legs higher but Campbell is not in danger. Campbell steps away and kicks the legs. Campbell lets Krayco up and Connects with a solid right. High kick from Campbell and a combo lands. Krayco slips to the mat but time runs out and Campbell can’t add on. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Campbell

Round 2: Campbell with a body kick and blocks one from Krayco. Campbell with a combo and a leg kick and Krayco shoots and works for the double. Campbell with an elbow and gets separation and connects with another elbow on the break. Krayco presses forward and Campbell lands a pair of leg kicks. Krayco with the calf kick and a high kick from Campbell. Krayco catches a body kick but can’t capitalize. Campbell with a left, body kick and leg kick. Campbell lands and Krayco looks to answer but can’t connect. Campbell ducks a combo and gets the takedown to side control. Campbell passes to mount and Krayco spins and gives up his back. Campbell briefly threatens with the choke but lets go and lands rights. One hook in and continues to chip away. The ten-second warning sounds and Campbell connects with a few hard shots before the end. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Campbell

Round 3: Both trading and Krayco lands to the body and Campbell with a one-two. Campbell with a nice counter left and they briefly tie-up. Campbell combo falls short but lands the body kick. They trade and clash with leg kicks. Krayco with a leg kick and Campbell with a combo and lands a low blow. They restart and both men connect in a nice exchange. Campbell with a combo and a head kick but doesn’t get all of it. Campbell drags him down and lands. Campbell takes the back and Krayco tries to stand but Campbell stays heavy. One hook in and short elbows from Campbell but one appears to land to the back of the head. Campbell complains that it hit the back because Krayco turned his head. They restart and Campbell connects hard to the body and again. Hard right lands and a combo with a leg kick. Another thudding leg kick from Campbell. Campbell with a right and a takedown and works the body. Krayco is able to tie him up and avoid damage for the final ten seconds. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Campbell

Round 4: Combo and a leg kick from Campbell and a hard leg kick and another. Hard right and another thudding leg kick. Another huge leg kick drops Krayco. Campbell kicks the leg and drops to guard. Campbell begins raining down huge shots and pounding away. Campbell continues to land and Krayco is busted open. With each shot blood splatters all over me. Krayco is able to weather the storm and survive but Campbell is in full control. Campbell chipping away and landing hard shots. Campbell hammerfists and Krayco trying to turn away. Campbell elbowing the body and postures up and lands as he hears the ten-second bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-8 Campbell

Round 5: Campbell with a jumping right and a combo. Nice question mark kick partially lands for Campbell. A combo and just misses a high kick. Campbell falls short with a wheel kick and crashes a vicious body shot. Campbell gets the body lock but Krayco is able to stay vertical. Krayco avoids another takedown eats a couple rights. Campbell ducks a right and lands a knee to the body. Referee Andy Social pauses to warn Campbell about a possible eye poke. Campbell with a combo on the restart and Krayco tries to answer back. Krayco catches a head kick and Campbell with a combo and a head kick. Left and a body kick and Campbell punishes the legs. Campbell gets the double and works the body. Krayco looking for the omoplata but Campbell steps over and pounds away. Campbell in full guard and chips away. Kracyo looking for the armbar and again Campbell steps out and ends the round on top. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Campbell
Shane Campbell defeats Matt Krayco by Unanimous Decision (50-43, 50-44, 50-43)
***Campbell captures vacant Welterweight Title

Heavyweight Title Fight- Christian Larsen (5-2) vs. Grayson Wells (5-3)
Round 1: Both men immediately unleash a huge barrage of punches before tying up on the cage. Larsen muscles him to the mat and passes to half guard. Wells is able to get back to his feet only to be hip-tossed right back down. Larsen locks in an arm-triangle choke and is able to force the quick tap to retain the Heavyweight title.
Christian Larsen submits Grayson Wells by Arm-Triangle Choke in Round 1, 1:08
***Larsen defends the Heavyweight Title

Pro Super Lightweight- Tim Smith (14-11) vs. Behrang Yousefi (8-7)
Round 1: Smith with a leg kick and shoots forward but Yousefi pushes him off. Yousefi lands and looks for the teep to the body. Yousefi with the leg kick and Smith looks for the combo but falls short. Both with front kicks and the same time and Smith off balance. Yousefi ties him up and looks to jump on the back. Smith shakes him off but Yousefi with control. Smith able to free himself and they trade rights. Smith with the double to full guard. Smith landing to the body and Yousefi looks to lock up a triangle. Smith pulls his head free but Yousefi now looking for an armbar. Smith again defends and lands while Yousefi keeps climbing with his legs to threaten submissions. Smith stands and Yousefi begins throwing wild upkicks, at least one lands solid on the chin. Yousefi to his feet and both men begin throwing wild shots at each other. The bell sounds and as it sounds Smith is dropped with a right. Could’ve been after the bell but definitely not intentional or malicious. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Yousefi

Round 2: Smith lands a right and Yousefi with a leg kick. Smith with a leg kick now and a combo from Yousefi. Smith lands and Yousefi drops and looks to be in pain. Smith looks to follow and eats an upkick. Smith drops into guard and Yousefi pulls him close. Smith drives him toward the cage and chips away. Yousefi throws up the triangle choke and is able to lock it in tight. Smith is tapping but Referee Andy Social is on the opposite side and Yousefi lets go just as Social is about to step in. Great show of sportsmanship.
Behrang Yousefi submits Tim Smith by Triangle Choke in Round 2, 2:04

Pro Catchweight 190lbs- Chris Chapman (3-2) vs. Ali Charkie (1-0)
Round 1: Charkie with a thudding leg kick both are hesitant to engage. Another leg kick and a big double by Charkie. Charkie looking to climb to mount and gets to half guard. Charkie lands some heavy lefts and Chapman trying to free himself to stand. Charkie continues to chip away. Chapman able to partially stand and Charkie knees the thigh. Chapman able to get back to his feet and lands a kick to the body. Chapman connects with a hard combo that stuns Charkie and again. Chapman looks for a high kick but Charkie ducks for a takedown at the same time and avoids the kick. Charkie lands knees to the thigh and drags him to the mat. Charkie looking to pass and landing. Chapman tying him up and looking for a triangle but Charkie defends and rides out the round on top. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Charkie

Round 2: Charkie shoots for the takedown but Chapman defends and Charkie looks for the high kick. They separate and Chapman again looks for the head kick. Charkie with a pair of hard leg kicks and connects with a heavy right. Chapman eats it, walks forward and lands one of his own. Chapman lands a kick to the body that knocks Charkie off balance. They trade big leg kicks and Chapman with a head kick that partially lands. Chapman with a right and a body kick. Charkie leg kicks and a right. Charkie shoots and eats a barrage of elbows but gets the takedown. Charkie looks to put him against the cage and Chapman with the kimura sweep. Chapman stands and again connects with some sharp elbows. Charkie is caught in a triangle but escapes. Chapman still on top and looking for the guillotine. Charkie driving for the takedown and Chapman elbows the body and trying work back to his feet against the cage. Charkie can’t get him all the way down and time expires. MMA Empires scores round 10-9 Chapman

Round 3: Charkie looks tired and eats a hard kick to the body and a head kick. Another high kick is blocked and Chapman walking him down and landing. Chapman with a leg kick and another to the body. Chapman with a huge combo and Charkie has no answer right now. Chapman lands again and counters Charkie’s right. Lazy shot from Charkie easily shucked off. Chapman lands and a leg kick from Charkie. Another takedown attempt from Charkie and an elbow from Chapman before stepping away. Charkie can’t even keep his hands up and another lazy attempt. Charkie again looks for the takedown and Chapman stuffs his head to the mat, steps away and soccer kicks the body. Chapman drops to side control ad begins raining down punches. Charkie can’t do anything but cover up and referee Luke Boutin mercilessly stops the fight.
Chris Chapman defeats Ali Charkie by TKO (Punches) in Round 3, 4:11

Pro Super Lightweight- Jett Grande (0-0-1) vs. Cornelius Krahn (0-0)
Round 1: Grande opens with a huge combo that falls short but quickly gets the big takedown. Grande in full guard and works the body before passing to half guard. Grande chipping away with shots and trying to work to side control. Big right lands and Grande postures and unloads a barrage. Krahn throws up a triangle attempt but easily defended. Another solid right and Grande passes to side control. Krahn framing on the neck but Grande is able to get to mount before moving to back control. Grande can’t get the hooks and Krahn is controlling the wrists. Grande traps the left arm and sinks his hooks. Grande begins working for the rear-naked choke but runs out of time. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Grande

Round 2: Grande with a quick combo and another. Krahn with the low leg kick and another. Grande looks to land but just out of range and another leg kick from Krahn. Low single from Grande but can’t pull him to the mat. Grande lands a big right and a left off the leg kick. Grande takes him to the mat and settles into the full guard. Krahn lands some little elbows and Grande is cut over the left eye and Krahn lands some more short elbows. Grande looking to pass and Krahn turns to turtle. Grande begins to rain down shots and looking to insert his hooks. Grande continues to fire away until Krahn ties up his right arm. Grande landing and Krahn attempting to throw elbows back at him. Grande keeps throwing the rights and Krahn doing little in the way of defense and referee Andy Social has seen enough and stops the bout.
Jett Grande defeats Cornelius Krahn by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 4:30

Pro Welterweight- Phil Engeroff (1-0) vs. Dylan Schellenberg (0-1)
Round 1: Schellenberg lands a combo and both men begin teeing off on one another. Schellenberg ties him up and Engeroff reverses position. Engeroff knees the body and thighs. Engeroff with the body lock and they trade knees to the body. Engeroff gets the inside trip and settles into the half guard. Engeroff working to pass and Schellenberg with a right and an elbow from the bottom. Energoff stands and lets Schellenberg up. Engeroff slips on a head kick and Schellenberg takes advantage and drops into the guard. Engeroff locks up a triangle but Schellenberg able to defend. Engeroff trying to land elbows and pulls on the head and Engeroff is finally able to coax the tap.
Phil Engeroff submits Dylan Schellenberg by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 3:56

Amateur Middleweight- John Moore (2-3) vs. Mac Stroud (1-0)
Round 1: Moore refuses the glove touch and Stroud ties him up against the cage. Stroud looks for the throw but Moore stays on his feet. Moore gets the body lock takedown and stands looks to land. Stroud gets a leg entanglement but Moore lands a couple hammerfists and works back to his feet. Stroud drags him to the mat and looks to take the back. Moore again gets to his feet but Stroud lands and knees the thighs. They jockey for position and Stroud lands a combo before closing the distance again and pressing him against the cage. Stroud gets separation and lands again before working for a single. Stroud lands a combo as time runs down. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Stroud

Round 2: Stroud lands immediately and Moore with a leg kick. Stroud connects with an overhand and steps in for the takedown. Moore pops back to his feet and lands a knee to the midsection. Stroud pressing him into the cage and Moore lands more knees to the body. They separate and Moore connects with a head kick. Stroud quickly ties up and Moore lands again. Stroud desperately looking for the takedown but Moore defends and settles into half guard. Moore lands to the body and Stroud trying to tie him up. Moore stands and allows Stroud to his feet. Moore with more knees to the body and a combo and Stroud may have been saved by the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Moore

Round 3: Stroud takes an extra few seconds on the stool and the doctor enters to check on him before the start of round 3. Referee Andy Social waves it off on the doctor’s advice.
John Moore defeats Mac Stroud by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) in Round 3, 0:01

Amateur Bantamweight- Tony Rojas (0-0) vs. Jose Pangilinan (0-1)
Round 1: Pangilinan with a right and Rojas with a leg kick as both men try to find their range. Both are being cautious in the opening minutes and a solid leg kick from Rojas. Rojas looks for a takedown but Pangilinan avoids it and lands a kick to the body. A shot lands low on Pangilinan and a brief pause in the action. They restart and trade leg kicks and body kicks. Kick to the body lands for Pangilinan and they trade jabs. Rojas presses forward and ties him up looking for the throw but Pangilinan ends up on top. They pop back to their feet as time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Pangilinan

Round 2: Rojas looking to land but Pangilinan is out of range. Nice leg kick from Rojas but can’t land his combo on the follow. Pangilinan with pawing jabs and a leg kick. Pangilinan with an overhand but it’s blocked. Rojas lands a combo and Pangilinan answers with a Superman punch and a leg kick. Rojas lands and ties him up against the cage. Rojas drives for a single and gets him to the mat. Rojas takes the back and works for the rear-naked choke but Pangilinan is defending well. Pangilinan attempts to scramble up but Rojas maintains control until the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Rojas

Round 3: Hard leg kick from Pangilinan and another. Pangilinan looks to land but Rojas defends. Thudding leg kicks from Rojas but he gets caught stepping in. Nice one-two and a tie-up from Rojas. They jockey for position against the cage and Pangilinan looking to scoop a leg. Chipping shots and Rojas reverses position and lands a knee. Rojas brings him down briefly and lands on the stand-up. Pangilinan now looking for the takedown and they’re battling hard for position. Big hip toss by Rojas and he mounts him before transitioning to the back. Rojas not able to sink the choke with short time, lets go and looks for a guillotine as time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Rojas
Tony Rojas defeats Jose Pangilinan by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

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