Predictions: BFL 68

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Isaiah Metituk
Isaiah Metituk enters the cage for his XFFC 20 bout with Connor Krebs. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

For BFL 68, Isaiah Metituk (1-2) has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the nine MMA bouts on the card.

Metituk is coming off a busy 2021 where he had his first three professional fights, including a victory over Broderick Rene at BTC 10. Expect to see Metituk back in action in early 2022.

Here are Metituk’s predictions for BFL 68:

Gio Platon (2-0) vs. Serhiy Sidey (4-1): PRO Bantamweight Title Bout** FIGHT PREVIEW

“Wow, what a great title fight to cap off the first of what should be great back-to-back cards. The power Platon has displayed in his last two fights has been nothing short of frightening, while Sidey has shown he has one punch power as well. I think Platon having fought a little tougher competition and being a bit more active as of late will pay dividends here.”

Prediction: Platon wins via TKO in the third round.

Christian Tremayne (2-1) vs. Austin Batra (0-1): PRO Lightweight

“Another great matchup here as Batra makes his first appearance since 2019 and Tremayne makes his first since 2017. Batra is an outstanding wrestler with great explosive ability, whereas Tremayne has shown he has a very well-rounded skillset and trains with some absolute killers at Revolution. I see Tremayne having just a few more tools than Batra at this point and think he will be able to utilize them.”

Prediction: Tremayne wins via unanimous decision.

Josh Kwiatkowski (5-3) vs. John Nguyen (2-2): PRO Featherweight KWIATKOWSKI PREVIEW, NGUYEN PREVIEW

“Forget fight of the night, forget fight of the weekend, this is my pick for fight of the year. Both these guys come in with a kill-or-be-killed mindset and both will be extra motivated to get back in the win column with both coming off tough losses. And being close with both of these guys let me tell you, they are locked in, which is exactly why I cannot pick a winner here and will be saying this goes to a draw in what should be an absolute blood and guts, drag ’em down, knock ’em out barnburner.”

Prediction: Kwiatkowski and Nguyen fight to a draw.

Bobby Poulter (2-0) vs. Keanan Kellar (2-1): PRO Welterweight

“Another great showcase fight for two great prospects here as Kellar looks to rebound from his first loss as a pro against Kyran Cameron and Poulter looks to get his name in the title mix. Both of these guys come from great camps as Kellar trains mainly out of Universal with Dejan Kajic and Poulter training at BTC with great fighters such as Adam Assenza. I think Kellar’s reach will pay off greatly here as he should be able to keep him at range, avoid the takedowns and use his striking.”

Prediction: Kellar wins via unanimous decision.

Glen Cuevas (0-0) vs. Mitch Strazzella (0-0): PRO Bantamweight

“Great matchup of pro debuts here and one I am keeping a very close eye on. Both guys have great hands and fought some tough fights as amateurs. Strazzella loves to get dirty and almost has a Diaz-like style, whereas Cuevas has a bit wider range of tools and movement.”

Prediction: Cuevas wins via unanimous decision.

James Foster (2-2-1) vs. Terence Jeffers-Harris (0-0): PRO 195 pounds

“Interesting one here as ‘Jungle James’ takes on the former pro football player. While Jeffers-Harris undoubtedly will have great strength and explosiveness, experience should be the deciding factor here as I think the tough vet Foster will find that bomb he’s always looking for.”

Prediction: Foster wins via knockout in the first round.

Oguzhan Yalcin (3-1) vs. Amin Almelik (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight Title Bout**

“Great amateur title fight here with two guys who are very close to turning pro. Yalcin has an outstanding wrestling game and with it being five rounds that favours his style. Almelik has some great muay thai, but I see Yalcin’s takedowns drowning him.”

Prediction: Yalcin wins via TKO in the fourth round.

Brandon Labrecque (2-4) vs. Brad Barrick (1-1): AMATEUR Featherweight

“Another great amateur fight here. He might not have the prettiest record on paper, but Labrecque has only fought the best of the best, including Yalcin who, as mentioned, is fighting for the belt. I see that high-level experience paying off.”

Prediction: Labrecque wins via submission in the second round.

Kevin Giroux (0-0) vs. Matthew Puata (0-0): AMATEUR Lightweight