Predictions: BFL 69

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Ramil Kamilov
Ramil Kamilov in the cage at the 2019 Canadian National Amateur Championships. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

For BFL 69, Ramil Kamilov (6-4) has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the eight MMA bouts on the card.

Kamilov is currently the top-ranked amateur welterweight in Canada and has competed on the world stage at the IMMAF World Championships. Expect to see Kamilov make his professional debut later this year.

Here are Kamilov’s predictions for BFL 69:

Caio Machado (5-1-1) vs. Lee Mein (11-15): PRO Heavyweight Title Bout**

“Mein is a legend, and if he can get anyone on their back they are in big big trouble. With Machado’s momentum and with how their first meeting went it’s hard to pick against the champion here. There is no way this goes to decision. Hopefully, after facing some early adversity, Mein can pull a veteran trick out of his hat.”

Prediction: Mein wins via submission in the first round.

Nicolas Ouellet (1-0) vs. Mike McAloon (4-2): PRO Featherweight OUELLET PREVIEW, MCALOON PREVIEW

“Another easy pick. I respect Ouellet’s ground game, a jiu-jitsu black belt is an enormous achievement. At his age, it is even more impressive. Furthermore, I know that Ouellet has trained striking for a decade plus or minus, he is no stranger to standup martial arts. With that said, I have been watching McAloon’s career for a few years now, even when he was back out east. This guy is tough and should probably be more known than he is. He has much more cage experience. Ouellet has never gone past the first round, and if this fight goes long he is going to get seriously pushed. We all love an undefeated, high-credentialed finisher, but MMA grappling is not jiu-jitsu. And if McAloon can avoid the takedown, which I think he will be able to, it will be a long, long night for Ouellet.”

Prediction: McAloon wins via TKO in the second round.

Leo Xavier (4-1) vs. Rafael Palomeque (2-2): PRO 175 pounds

“I got Xavier all the way here. Probably my lock of the card.”

Prediction: Xavier wins via submission in the first round.

Indroop Virk (1-0) vs. Austin Russell (1-0): PRO 131 pounds

“I see this turning into somewhat of a striker vs. grappler matchup here. Virk is a nice, undefeated prospect with good amateur experience. Russell is no less experienced and is crafty everywhere. I don’t see Virk being able to finish this fight, whereas Russell is creative and has a chance anywhere the fight goes. It’s rare in modern MMA to see wrestlers get submitted when they are on top, but Russell always has a chance. When he gets taken down (and he likely will) I hope he doesn’t just chill on his back and look for random submissions. Hopefully he has a good skillset of getting back up to his feet and gassing his opponent out with his striking, especially by using lots of fakes. Russell has excellent striking and a great traditional martial arts base. I got Russell by finish anywhere anytime in an unpredictable fashion.”

Prediction: Russell wins via TKO in the second round.

Jonathan Broad (1-0) vs. Kenny Pope: PRO Welterweight

“This is where the fight card gets real interesting. With my amateur experience I am usually rooting for the veteran fighters to win. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will happen here. Although I have watched Pope in the past and have been somewhat impressed by his ground game, he has been finished by TKO multiple times. Broad is young, fresh, disciplined and hungry. With all due respect, I, unfortunately, do not see Pope having the wrestling to take down Broad or being able to withstand his early onslaught. I hope I am proven wrong.”

Prediction: Broad wins via knockout in the first round.

Seth Connor (1-2) vs. Gwyn Berry (0-0): PRO Featherweight

“Both fighters have extensive amateur experience. I have not seen too much footage in the past of either fighter competing. Berry comes from a good level training camp, but his wins, to me, are less impressive than his opponent’s. It should be a good scrap overall.”

Prediction: Connor wins via unanimous decision.

Jag Bhullar (3-0) vs. Rizwan Qureshi (0-0): AMATEUR Heavyweight Title Bout**

“Bhullar is the opposite of our first, more experienced fighter. With three fights all by first round finish, I could see him taking his debuting opponent lightly. At this weight class these folks get more tired and it seems like the perfect opportunity to underestimate his opponent and not work as hard as he has before. I do think his experience may be a deciding factor. Also, his opponent’s has a pretty cool fighter last name. In my mother tongue Kures means wrestling.”

Prediction: Bhullar wins via split decision.

Mani El-Hefnawy (3-2) vs. Kees Huisman (0-0): AMATEUR Bantamweight

“El-Hefnawy comes from Jauncey’s gym and has had a few fights all ending by decision so far. He has also had a few cancelled fights. I see him being hungry as ever and feeling much more comfortable in the cage than his opponent.”

Prediction: El-Hefnawy wins via TKO in the third round.