Predictions: MFL 18

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Gordon Cunningham
Gordon Cunningham in the cage at MFL 16. (Photo courtesy of Montreal Fight League)

For MFL 18, Gordon Cunningham has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the 13 MMA bouts on the card.

Cunningham is fresh off winning the MFL light heavyweight title last month at MFL 17, while also improving to 3-0 in his amateur career. Cunningham has his sights set on the MFL middleweight title next.

Here are Cunningham’s predictions for MFL 18:

James Cardinal Lauzon (3-1) vs Adam Sproule (2-1): AMATEUR Middleweight FIGHT PREVIEW

“I am so excited for this fight. Cardinal-Lauzon is very confident in his reach advantage. With that being said, I’ve personally had the pleasure of fighting Sproule in a kickboxing match, and he has zero problems dealing with a reach/height advantage. I believe Sproule’s wrestling and grappling will come into play.”

Prediction: Sproule wins by submission in the second round.

Ramil Kamilov (5-3) vs Duncan Henry (6-6): AMATEUR Welterweight FIGHT PREVIEW

“With Henry coming from Tristar, I feel he has the upper hand in this fight. Anyone I’ve seen from Tristar is well-rounded and dangerous everywhere. I can’t see this going past the second round.”

Prediction: Henry wins by submission in the second round.

Ekaterina Voronova (1-0) vs Isabella Filippazzo (0-0): AMATEUR Women’s Flyweight

“Coming from a striking background myself, I’m confident Filippazzo will take the win, as long as she’s able to keep her distance and not get pulled into a brawl that could lead to her getting taken down. If she’s able to keep her distance and pick her opponent apart, she’ll come out with the win.”

Prediction: Filippazzo wins by unanimous decision.

Nayimi Ferdaws (0-0) vs Joel Gauthier (0-1): AMATEUR Featherweight

“Ferdaws coming from the NTT family I feel has the upper hand in this fight. I can’t see this going past the second round.”

Prediction: Ferdaws win by TKO in the second round.

Abdel Rebai (1-2) vs Adam Gladue (2-11): AMATEUR Featherweight

“I feel that considering Gladue is coming off his first pro loss, this fight will come with a lot of pressure. I can imagine his plan is to make a statement and finish the fight early. If Rebai can weather the storm in the first round, he just might be able to get the decision.”

Prediction: Rebai wins by unanimous decision.

Cody Chovancek (2-1) vs Renan Puglia (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

“Chovancek is more than ready to make the pro jump. If this isn’t his last amateur fight, I’d be very surprised. With that being said, I feel Chovancek will take control of the fight early and end it wherever he decides to.”

Prediction: Chovancek wins by knockout in the first round.

Nikita Ponomarenko (1-0) vs Josh Martiniuk (1-3): AMATEUR Featherweight

“I’m not too familiar with either fighter, but with Martiniuk coming from a striking background, I’m confident he can get the finish if he keeps his distance, and gives himself a chance to showcase his striking.”

Prediction: Martiniuk wins by knockout in the second round.

Samuel Lavoie (0-0) vs Alex Moher (1-0): AMATEUR Flyweight

“I’m not familiar with either fighter, but I know Moher, coming from NTT, is training with some high-level guys, so I predict he gets the job done.”

Prediction: Moher wins by TKO in the second round.

Olivier Poisson (4-0) vs Keith Henhawk (2-6): AMATEUR Featherweight FIGHT PREVIEW

“Poisson is doing everything right so far in his amateur career, and is surely closing in on a title shot. Henhawk hasn’t fought since 2017, while Poisson has rattled off all four of his amateur fights in less than one year. I expect Poisson to roll here.”

Prediction: Poisson wins by submission in the first round.

Keyano Young (0-1) vs William McLean (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

“I believe Young is going to have the clear striking advantage coming out of Bazooka MMA. I can’t imagine this fight ending anyway other than a knockout or TKO, and Young having his hand raised.”

Prediction: Young wins by TKO in the first round.

Nicky Heinrichs (0-1) vs JP Provost (1-0): AMATEUR Lightweight

“Coming off a submission loss in his amateur debut last month, I expect Heinrichs to come in hungry for his first amateur win. He has his hands full, however, with the Tristar product, Provost. I feel Provost will be too much for Heinrichs.”

Prediction: Provost wins by submission in the second round.

Lee Horner (0-0) vs Steve Doxtator (0-0): AMATEUR Lightweight

“I’m confident that if Doxtator can keep his distance and listen to his coach, he’ll be able to keep the fight standing and come out with the victory. If Horner is able to get the fight to the ground, it may cause some problems for Doxtator.”

Prediction: Doxtator wins by unanimous decision.

Wassil Azizi (0-0) vs Matt Bednarek (1-0): AMATEUR Middleweight

“This prediction is a little biased, as Bednarek is one of my main training partners and a good friend. With that being said, I believe Bednarek’s high-level wrestling will allow him to dictate where the fight takes place, and will have no problem finishing the fight.”

Prediction: Bednarek wins by submission in the first round.