Predictions: Prestige FC 9

Each event going forward, I will welcome a “guest picker” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

For Prestige FC 9, David Nippard has stepped up to provide his predictions and analysis for the seven MMA bouts on the card Friday night.

He has a long history in the Fort McMurray MMA scene, including owning a professional record of 4-6. He last stepped in the cage Aug. 12, 2016 at Prestige FC 7, but still continues to train at Bowmans MMA in Fort McMurray when he has the time. Over the last couple years, he’s become a father to two children, which has understandably taken priority over MMA.

Here are Nippard’s predictions for Prestige FC 9:

Teddy Ash (9-3) vs Cameron Olson (9-3): Fight Preview

“Ash has amazing power, amazing drive, and will have the home crowd backing him. I have to give it to Ash.”

Prediction: Ash wins by TKO in the second round.

Menad Abella (4-0) vs Dejan Kajic (8-6-2, 1 NC) Fight Preview

“With the hot streak Abella’s on, I have to go with him. It’s quite the run.”

Prediction: Abella wins knockout in the second round.

Cam Macdonald (1-0) vs Tom Theocharis (0-1) Fight Preview

“Macdonald’s been working on his ground game quite a bit, but he relies on his stand-up and high, flashy moves. That spinning back fist is his bread and butter, but if Theocharis has the opportunity to time it correctly and counter, Macdonald will be in for a bit of a show.”

Prediction: Macdonald wins by knockout in first or second round.

Thomas Deneve (0-0) vs Daniel Kobsar (0-0)

“This one is a flip of a coin for me. Hats off to both.”

Prediction: Kobsar wins by split decision.

Kirby Tilley (0-0) vs Geoff Loken (0-0)

“Tilley’s ground game has come a long way since he’s been training it lately, and I know the guys down in Athabasca aren’t the strongest on the ground, so if Tilley wants to take it to the ground, he has a strong chance there. But I know he wants to go in with bad intentions and knock Loken’s block off.”

Prediction: Tilley wins by first round TKO.

Tyrone Tuccaro (0-0) vs Jade Howse (0-0)

“I believe with the crowd backing Tuccaro, it’s going to definitely be a decent show, and I’d have to give it to him by decision.”

Prediction: Tuccaro wins by decision.

Mark Mosure (1-0) vs Brandon Bouchard (1-0)

“Mosure is a young, very athletic kid. He pushes himself to the limit in the gym, and literally exhausts all his resources to fighting in Fort McMurray.”

Prediction: Mosure wins by stoppage from ground and pound TKO in the first round.