Abella, Kajic Both Envision Knockout Finish at Prestige FC 9

In the eyes of Edmonton’s Menad Abella and Coquitlam’s Dejan Kajic, their welterweight bout will not be left in the hands of the judges.

Abella (4-0), and Kajic (8-6-2, 1 NC) will meet in the cage Friday night at Prestige FC 9 in Fort McMurray, and both have their sights set on a knockout ending.

With all four of his wins coming by knockout or TKO, Abella is no stranger to finishing the fight on his terms.

Menad Abella
Menad Abella ahead of his bout at Unified MMA. (Photo by Gudhar Ali)

“Something just kicks in when I’m in that cage, and I want to finish them all,” said Abella in an interview.

“I just wait for them to make that little mistake, then I capitalize by landing that shot.”

It’s been over a year since Abella was last able to land that finishing blow, however, as he hasn’t fought since Dec. 16, 2016, in which he retired Dustin Greentree at the end of the second round at Unified MMA 29.

Although a lengthy layoff may have a negative effect on some fighters, Abella is quite the opposite.

“If it has any effect on me at all, it’ll be positive. It just makes me more hungry,” said Abella.

While Abella’s professional career is still young, Kajic has competed in the cage 17 times at the professional level. But that doesn’t have Abella fazed.

During his training at Little Sweat ShopFrank Lee’s, and Complete Fitness and Martial Arts, Abella said he spars with fighters who have 15 years experience and 20-30 fights under their belt.

“To me, his experience doesn’t mean anything because of who I train with,” said Abella.

“Whether they’re 1-0, 2-0, or have 16 fights, I take them all the same.”

Kajic Brings Wealth of Experience

While Abella doesn’t see experience playing much of a factor, Kajic believes otherwise.

Kajic said he’s “been through it all” in his seven-plus year professional career, while Abella is only just beginning.

“I’ve gone the distance, I’ve lost, I’ve won, and I’ve been on that emotional roller coaster,” said Kajic in an interview.

“I’ve done it all. I’ve tasted the highs and the lows. He hasn’t.”

Throughout his career, Kajic has gone the distance six times, while Abella has yet to do so since turning professional.

Kajic believes if he can take Abella into the later stages of the fight, he will have a significant advantage.

“It’s a different animal when you’re in the third round, you’re beat up, and you still have to get up and perform. And he hasn’t been there,” said Kajic.

“If I push it past the third round, he’s mine.”

Out of his eight victories, Kajic owns three knockouts and, much like Abella, is expecting to add to that total on Friday.

Through his work at Clinch MMA and Fitness, Kajic has developed a strong arsenal of shots capable of landing the finishing blow.

“I’ve got vicious kicks. If he breaks away from me and I see those hands down, I’m going to KO him hard with a head kick,” said Kajic.

“I just see a finish. I see him not being experienced, making a couple mistakes, and then I’ll clip him.”