Alex Morgan finally found a willing foe to step up to the challenge at Samourai MMA 1

Alex Morgan
Credit: Hexagone MMA

It’s not always easy finding fights when you’re one of Canada’s top 145-pound prospects. Blainville, Que.’s Alex Morgan (10-4) is no stranger to high-level competition, but recently it’s been harder finding opportunities to test himself. 

Morgan is set to take centre stage against Maged Hammo (10-5-1) in the co-main event of Samourai MMA’s inaugural event, Samourai MMA 1, this Friday in Montreal, Que.

The Tristar product Morgan, 30, said he has a lot of respect for current Unified MMA featherweight champion Hammo’s willingness to step into the cage this weekend.

“I think he’s a good opponent for me. We’re around the same level, I’ve watched his other fights and he’s a tough guy,” Morgan said in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I’m happy he’s willing to take on the challenge in my hometown. I don’t want to protect myself or my record. They asked everyone in Canada to fight me. I said yes to everyone and the only one who said yes to me was Maged. I have my sights set on him and after a big win I feel I can step up to the big leagues.”

Morgan knows his opponent, Hammo, always brings an exciting style to the cage and it’s something he said he’s looking forward to on fight night.

It’s a great opportunity for Morgan to add another name to his resume and solidify himself as the best featherweight in Canada not signed to a big promotion.  

“Overall, he’s a good fighter. I know he likes to push the pace and he likes to strike. He’s willing to throw big bombs and he’s not afraid to grapple,” Morgan said.

“His last fight gave me a good idea of what to be ready for. I don’t want any easy opponents that don’t get me anywhere, so a good opponent like him is what I need. He’s the Unified MMA featherweight champ, I was the TKO featherweight champ, so this is kind of like the Canadian featherweight championship.”

Even when he’s not in training camp Morgan spends almost all of his time in the gym. Whether it’s coaching or training, he’s always looking for ways to improve.

Solid fundamentals and a great gas tank are just a few of the aspects Morgan has relied on to get him to the level he’s at.

“If you want to find me just go to the gym, I’ll probably be there,” Morgan said.

“I train everyday, so making a game plan is the only difference when I have a fight scheduled. I think it’s a big advantage because I don’t think there’s anyone who’s in the gym more often than I am. That’s what makes me confident because I don’t think there’s someone who can outwork me.”

When it comes to his technical ability, Morgan is mostly known for his great counter striking and laser-fast hands, but he said he tends to surprise people with his power. 

“Some people have natural cardio or natural strength. I think I have a good, natural knockout punch; the touch of death like they say,” Morgan said.

“People know I’m dangerous, but they don’t know how dangerous I am until I hit them. I think it’s something that can be a game-changer in a lot of fights. When people get surprised by my power it can change the entire mood.”

Morgan will once again try to set the mood on Friday night in his hometown.

A little bit surprised that some of the big promotions have yet to reach out, he’ll be looking to grab their attention with another stoppage win over a quality opponent.

“I don’t know why nobody has called me for an opportunity like that. I feel like I’m ready. I’m 10-4, I’ve finished some of the best guys and I’ve only lost to the best guys,” Morgan explained.

“Honestly, with another big win, I feel I’m the undisputed Canadian champ. I’ve gotten all the belts I can get, so for this I feel like I’m not just a contender, I deserve my shot straight up. When I win this fight, no Contender Series. Just sign me. I deserve to be in the UFC. I don’t have a perfect record but I don’t care because I only fight against the best and I never back down from a challenge.”

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