Maged Hammo looking to beat Alex Morgan at his own game in Samourai MMA 1 co-main event

Maged Hammo
Maged Hammo in the cage at Unified MMA 40. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

Two of Canada’s best featherweights are set to square off in Montreal this weekend when Lethbridge, Alta.’s Maged Hammo (10-5-1) travels into enemy territory to take on Alex Morgan (10-4). in the Samourai MMA 1 co-main event.

After securing the Unified MMA featherweight title with an exhilarating fourth round submission of Neal Anderson at Unified MMA 40 back in August, Hammo, 31, is thrilled for another quality challenge at Samourai MMA’s inaugural event. 

“He’s (Morgan) had some high-level opponents and that’s why I took the fight actually,” Hammo said in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I got offered a lot of different guys to fight and I chose him because I know he’s very good and I want to test myself. I’m always looking for those kinds of opportunities.”

It’s another solid camp in the books for Hammo who’s established himself as one of the most exciting fighters on the regional scene over the years.

Keen to the striking ability of his opponent Morgan, Hammo will be looking to make a statement when the two meet in the centre of the cage.

“It’s been up and down but as far as right now, I’m ready to rock. Heck, if the fight was tomorrow I’d be ready to go,” Hammo said.

“I mostly worked on cardio and stuff like that, been working on my standup as well because I really want to bang it out with this guy. I’ve heard he’s got great standup so I want to finish him at his own game kind of.”

Known for his steady pace and relentless style, it’s not very often the judges are needed when Hammo takes the cage. He now has the opportunity for his third stoppage win in a row.

“In a fight I’m always trying to push the pace and finish,” Hammo explained.

“Doesn’t matter what it is, on the feet or on the ground, I’m always looking for it and I usually find it. Either I get finished or they get finished. I push the pace and eventually they give up. I think it’s my style, I don’t think people know how to deal with it and they get frustrated and make mistakes.”

Hammo is no stranger to fighting in the hometown of his opponent and it’s a situation he’s always welcomed with open arms.

He said he’ll be looking to leave Quebec with another big win and a few more fans.

“I love the challenge and I’m used to it now,” Hammo said.

“I actually kind of like it because they all boo me when I come in but when I leave they’re cheering for me more than anybody else. It’s a good feeling.”

With another quality win over an opponent like Morgan, Hammo feels that it’s likely some of the bigger promotions will have to take notice.

The long-time Tristar member Morgan has made a name for himself with competitive fights and a few wins over current UFC fighters. 

“Hopefully it puts me up there with the higher names in the UFC and stuff,” Hammo said.

“I know it’s not going to get any easier now as I get tougher opponents and if I beat a guy like Alex, they have no choice but to recognize I’m a high-level fighter.”

Hammo’s Shoutouts

“All my coaches and training partners, Samourai MMA for making the fight and Alex for taking it.” Follow Hammo on social media: INSTAGRAM