Anastasia Nikolakakos looks to ‘create the masterpiece’ in Pallas Athena WFC 2 co-main event

It’s been nearly four years since she set foot in the cage, but Anastasia Nikolakakos is finally back on Saturday night.

Canada’s Nikolakakos (3-0) and Brazil’s Elisandra Ferreira (4-1) will battle for atomweight gold at Pallas Athena WFC 2 on Saturday night in Calgary, Alta.

When it comes to the preparation for her opponent in Saturday night’s co-main event, Nikolakakos, 32, said she left all the tape study and analysis to her team.

“That’s not my job. I don’t watch my opponents to be quite honest. I don’t care who the opponent is. It’s up to my team, my coaches to study. I trust them and be prepared for everything. For me, I don’t need to wake up thinking about my opponent. I don’t need to go to bed thinking about my opponent. I have to do my job and I need to focus on myself and what I’m going to be doing in there, setting the pace for myself and everybody’s different,” said Nikolakakos in an interview with MMA Empire.

“Some people like to literally take a picture of their opponent and put it right above their bed. Go to sleep at night and wake up to it. That’s not my vibe. My vibe is something different. I don’t need to pay attention to the opponent whomever that is.”

While there are many fighter who love and embrace the brutality MMA can sometimes offer, Nikolakakos has slightly different approach.

She brings an artistic mindset into the sport but is also not obtuse to the brutality of the sport.

“If we can do it beautifully, awesome. We got to do it a little bit barbaric sometimes, we can do that too. But for this sport, I want to keep it as professional and as beautiful as possible. Like I said, create the masterpiece, create the painting. I want to use that brush with my skills and see what I can do with it.”

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