Elisandra Ferreira aims for more gold in another country at Pallas Athena WFC 2

Brazil’s Elisandra Ferreira (4-1) and Canada’s Anastasia Nikolakakos (3-0) test skills against one another for atomweight gold in the Pallas Athena WFC 2 co-main event on Saturday night in Calgary, Alta.

Ferreira, 24, won the Nacao Cyborg atomweight belt at Nacao Cyborg 10 last October and returns for her first fight of the calendar year after a previous Pallas Athena WFC 1 bout in January with Shawna Ram fell by the wayside.

She will look to carry the momentum from winning atomweight gold last time out and look for more hardware here at 105 pounds.

“That last belt fight gave her more power and she could understand better her mistakes, be more prepared because of them and she thinks that the last fight especially brought her more insights and improvements that she could do,”┬ásaid Ferreira via her translator in an interview with MMA Empire.

“She’s using these learnings for this next fight for a new belt fighting in another country.”

As far as what she expects to face from Nikolakakos, Ferreira is expecting to have to navigate a well-rounded game in order to claim the title.

“Very fast and has fast movement. She’s great and her grappling is very great too, so she’ll be very attentive to her opponent because she’s very fast and she’s very great on that. She thinks that it will be the best fight of the event. She is prepared for the ground fight and the striking too.”

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