BTC 11 – Live Results and Play-by-Play

After Covid-19 has halted the MMA scene in Edmonton for the past 18 months, BTC will hold the second fight card in as many days with a rare afternoon card. BTC’s first nine cards were held in Ontario and this will be their second outside the province due to Covid restrictions

In the main event tonight we’ll see Tim “Shady” Smith looking for his first win in nearly 8 years when he takes on tough veteran Matt Krayco and in the co-main event, Colton Cronkite looks to stay unbeaten against Chris Chapman.

Fight of the Night: Izzudeen Atmeh vs. Isaiah Metituk
Knockout of the Night: Nick Felber
Submission of the Night: Colton Cronkite

Pro Welterweight: Tim Smith (14-10) vs. Matt Krayco (7-8-1)
Round 1: Smith with the leg kick to start and Krayco answers in kind. They trade little shots and a solid combination by Krayco. Nice shot by Smith and they trade leg kicks. A shot from Krayco knocks Smith off balance and Krayco pounces and looks for the rear-naked choke. Smith defends but Krayco postures and lands some heavy elbows. Krayco passes to half guard and eventually to half guard. Smith gives up his back and Krayco knees the thigh before looking to secure the hook. Smith able to work back to his feet but Krayco still on his back and pulls him back down. Krayco looking for the Kimura but Smith is able to free his arm. Krayco back to the back and a knee to the body. Smith replaces his guard and looks to tie up the arms. The ten second clapper prompts Krayco to unload a barrage of elbows and referee Luke Boutin steps in to rescue a bloodied Smith right at the bell for the TKO victory.
Matt Krayco defeats Tim Smith by TKO (Elbows) in Round 1, 4:59

Pro Middleweight: Colton Cronkite (3-0) vs. Chris Chapman (3-1)
Round 1: Cronkite lands a right and shoots for the takedown against the cage. Chapman defends briefly but Cronkite gets him flat. Chapman looking for the kimura but Cronkite defending well, Cronkite steps to the back as Chapman gets back to his feet. Cronkite looking to climb into the back and sinks one hook. Chapman able to spin out and knees the thigh. Cronkite spins off now and looks for the double and is able to muscle him to the mat. Cronkite is able to sink the guillotine choke. Chapman holds off for a moment but is forced to tap.
Colton Cronkite submits Chris Chapman by Guilotine Choke in Round 1, 2:38

Pro Bantamweight: Isaiah Metituk (1-1) vs. Izzudeen Atmeh (0-1)
Round 1: Atmeh quickly lands the big straight right and drops Metituk. Atmeh follows him and lands. Metituk drops back for a leg lock and gets to his feet before looking for a single. Metituk looking to flatten him out but Atmeh stands back up. Atmeh looking for the guillotine but Metituk defends and get back up. Lazy shot from Metituk and Atmeh with a head kick and a hard right. Metituk head kick falls short. Another heavy right puts Metituk on his back and Atmeh to full guard. Metituk looking for the armbar and switches to a leg lock but Atmeh scrambles out and allows Metituk to stand. Big hematoma under Metituks left eye and referee Andy Social brings the doc in to check it out. Metituk is cleared to go and they restart. Metituk lands and just misses the head kick. Hard overhand right lands for Atmeh and a leg kick. Nice combo against the cage for Atmeh. Huge head kick from Atmeh drops Metituk and Atmeh lets him up. Atmeh lands a combo and Metituk back to the mat. Atmeh with heavy hmmerfists until the round ends and Metituk is saved by the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-8 Atmeh

Round 2: Lazy shot and Metituk eats a right. Spinning kick to the body for Atmeh. Atmeh blocks a head kick and stuffs a couple takedown attempts. Atmeh lands the head kick and follows up with a massive right that puts Metituk flat on his back and out. Referee Andy Social steps in before any unnecessary damage.
Izzuden Atmeh defeats Isiah Metituk by KO (Head Kick and Punch) in Round 2, 1:19

Pro Featherweight: Oren Hanscomb (0-0) vs. Dylan McIlvenny (1-0)
Round 1: Both men trading kicks and Hanscomb lands a right off a caught leg kick. Hanscomb passes to half guard and McIlvenny lands a elbow from the bottom. Hanscomb now in guard and landing. McIlvenny trying to climb his legs up to threaten a submission but Hanscomb keeping his posture. McIlvenny trying to land from the bottom and Hanscomb firing back. Big right lands from Hanscomb and McIlvenny tries to kick him off. Hanscomb stays on top and keeps landing. McIlvenny looking for the sweep to no avail. Hanscomb working to pass but stuck in half guard. Hanscomb working for the kimura but needs to step over to side control. McIlvenny defending well and keeping him trapped in half. Hanscomb gives it up and lands a few more shots as time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Hanscomb

Round 2: They trade low leg kicks and exchange a combo. They feel each other out and Hanscomb finally lands a solid right. McIlvenny connects with a nice combo. Hanscomb shoots but McIlvenny defends and lands. Both men trading shots and a leg kick from Hanscomb. Hard right from Hanscomb and a leg kick. Both men firing but can’t quite connect. They exchange low leg kicks and McIlvenny lands. Big swing and miss from McIlvenny and Hanscomb lands. McIlvenny catches a high kick but can’t capitalize. Hanscomb drops for a takedown and eats a shot but lands the next takedown to side control and lands. McIlvenny throws his legs up but Hanscomb avoids it and the round ends. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 McIlvenny

Round 3: They both look to find their range and McIlvenny connects with a combo. Both men land hard rights and a big overhand right from McIlvenny just grazes him. Nice leg kick from Hanscomb and a right drops McIlvenny. Hanscomb rushes for the top control and settles into half guard. McIlvenny throws up a triangle quickly but Hanscomb escapes and works back to his feet. Hand leg kick from Hanscomb and McIlvenny with a combo and a right from Hanscomb. They keep trading and another leg kick from Hanscomb. Nice 1-2 from McIlvenny and Hanscomb lands a big double to full guard. Triangle attempt from McIlvenny but Hanscomb defends and McIlvenny back to his feet. Another takedown for Hanscomb and McIlvenny lands from the bottom. They both land chipping shots as time runs down. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Hanscomb
Oren Hanscomb defeats Dylan McIlvenny by Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-28)

Pro Bantamweight: Albaraa Atmeh (0-0) vs. Devon Lozej (0-0)
Round 1: Leg kick from Atmeh and another and again. They trade shots and both men connecting. Lozej looks for the tie up but Atmeh pushes him off and lands. Leh kick and a right from Atmeh and a kick up high just misses. Right and another high kick and a right again from Atmeh. Atmeh with a kick to the body and Lozej shoots. Atmeh stuffs it and lands. Lozej lands a shot and Atmeh back with a leg kick, body kick and a right. Lozej with a combo and drops for the double. Atmeh defends and gets separation. Big kick lands from Atmeh and Lozej shakes his head and presses for the takedown. Atmeh back to his feet immediately and Lozej lands to the body before they break apart. Lozej again working for a single and chips away with shots. Solid knee from Atmeh lands and a hard right from Lozej. Lozej with another takedown attempt with short time but round ends. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Atmeh

Round 2: Big body kick from Atmeh and Lozej connects in response. Right and a body kick and another right from Atmeh. Lozej shoots for the takedown against the cage and Atmeh defends. Atmeh lands a knee on the break and Lozej connects as well. Lozej punches and presses for the takedown again but Atmeh gets off the cage and lands. Atmeh with some solid connections and a huge right drops Lozej. Atmeh presses forward and looks to finish but Lozej is able to recover. Lozej with a low single and Atmeh almost goes over the back. Atmeh to his feet and defends a single. Lozej can’t connect and Atmeh lands. Another hard right from Atmeh and Lozej back in for the takedown. Atmeh defends and Lozej tries to land before they separate. Big knee from Atmeh and Lozej keeps him against the cage. Head kick lands from Atmeh but Lozej eats it and the round comes to an end. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Atmeh

Round 3: Hard body shots and a body kick from Atmeh. Atmeh lands a solid combo and another that snaps the head back. Atmeh landing at will early and a head kick. Lozej gives one back and shoots for the single. Atmeh defends and they hand fight for position. They separate and Lozej lands a right. Atmeh with a nice combo and body kick. Lozej connects but nothing behind it. Nice head movement from Atmeh and shucks off another takedown. Lozej lands low and a pause in the action. They restart and a hard leg kick from Atmeh and a vicious body kick thuds to the mid-section. Big right lands for Lozej and works for the takedown, Atmeh grabs the cage to prevent the takedown, and referee Andy Social pauses to take a point from Atmeh and starts them back against the cage. Lozej works to the back and lands shots to try to open up the choke. Atmeh spins out but Lozej stays on top and works back to the back and lands. Lozej postures up and fires away in an attempt to get the finish as he hears the ten-second clapper. MMA Empire scores round 10-8 Lozej
Albaraa Atmeh defeats Devon Lozej by Unanimous Decision (29-26, 29-26, 28-27)

Amateur Lightweight: Laine Foxton (2-1) vs. Jared Shipley (1-0-1)
Round 1: Foxton quickly with the teep to the body and ties him up against the cage. Foxton with a knee to the body and fighting for position. More knees and Shipley lands a right but Foxton is able to drag him to the mat. Foxton gets the back and locks in the body triangle. Foxton working for the rear-naked choke but Shipley is defending well. Foxton gives up on the choke briefly and re-adjusts to try again. Shipley right in his corner and listening well to coach Lee Mein and defending the choke and survives the round. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Foxton

Round 2: Both men quickly trade a flurry and tie up in the centre of the cage. Shipley looks for the takedown but Foxton reverses and lands in full guard. Shipley to his knees and Foxton works for back control. Shipley spins and lands a knee to the body. They jockey for position and action is paused for an illegal strike. They go back to exchanging and Foxton presses for the double leg. Foxton takes the back but again in Shipley’s corner. Shipley defending well and gets back to his feet just prior to the end of the round. MMA Empires scores round 10-9 Foxton

Round 3: Both men connect and Foxton right back with another double. Foxton passes and Shipley gives up his back. Foxton working for the choke but again Shipley defends. Foxton lands to the body and Shipley to his knees. Foxton can’t flatten him out and Foxton lands to the body and locks up the body triangle. Foxton locks in the choke but Shipley is able to peel the hand off. Foxton hammers the body and the round comes to an end. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Foxton
Laine Foxton defeats Jared Shipley by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)

Amateur Featherweight: Nick Felber (0-1) vs. Jamie Ingram (0-0)
Round 1: Felber with a calf kick and a combo to open the bout. Another calf kick from Felber and a massive right lands. Ingram with a leg kick and a Superman punch from Felber just misses. A combo from Felber and they tie up and Inghram looks for knees. They separate and trade. Hard leg kick from Felber and he lands a combo. Another Superman punch from Ferlber and a leg kick misses. Big 12 against the cage for Felber and Ingram ties him up and works off the cage. Ingram lands and the round comes to a close. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Felber

Round 2: Ingram combo falls short and another. They tie up and trade against the cage big knee from Ingram lands and Felber answers back with a huge right hand that knocks Ingram out cold in a heap.
Nick Felber defeats Jamie Ingram by KO (Punch) in Round 2, 0:32

Amateur Light-Heavyweight: Ryan Reid (0-0) vs. Hunter Lee (0-0)
Round 1: Reid lands the body kick and Lee scoops him up and takes him to the mat. Lee climbs the legs and transitions to the back and gets a hook in. Lee lands to the body and Reid pauses to ask a question to the ref. Lee sinks the second hook and works for the choke. Reid is able to get back to his feet and Lee lands a shot. Again Reid is talking to the referee and Lee seizes the opportunity, wraps his arm around the neck and forces the tap from Reid. Very odd performance from Reid.
Hunter Lee submits Ryan Reid by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:32


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