Matt Krayco, Colton Cronkite impressive in main and co-main event slots at BTC 11

An MMA-filled weekend in Edmonton, Alta. wrapped up Sunday with BTC 11, which delivered on all fronts.

In the main event, Matt Krayco (now 8-8-1) was able to secure the TKO victory over Tim Smith (now 14-11) with just one second remaining in the first round of their welterweight tilt.

This was Krayco’s first bout since 2018 due to multiple potential career-ending injury complications and he said it felt amazing to be back in the cage again.

“It felt so good and I was seeing everything so good. Mindset is the biggest thing you’ll ever have in here. If you don’t have that, even the best fighter in the world won’t do anything in here. And I needed it after everything with the hand break,” said Krayco in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I was in the gym coaching and teaching, and just the energy of the other guys just kept me so motivated and positive and just thinking ‘I’m going to be back, I’m going to be back.'”

Prior to securing the bout with Smith, Krayco had a difficult time finding an opponent who would agree to fight him, which is an issue he’s had even before his injury due to his record not accurately reflecting his skills.

Krayco said he doesn’t want to call out anyone specific, but wishes fighters would stop trying to “pad” their records and just fight.

“I just want to fight and there’s so many guys out there trying to pad their records to try and get into the big shows and stuff, but at the end of the day you can do that all you want but when you get to the big show and you haven’t fought anyone you’re going to get f**king destroyed and look like an idiot,” said Krayco.

“So why not go fight tough, competitive fights? This country and most promotions are f**ing terrible for putting on one-sided fights and pushing and boosting their guys. I don’t care, I love being the underdog, that’s when I thrive and shine the brightest, but no one wants to watch that stuff.”

In the co-main event, Colton Cronkite (now 4-0) added yet another first round finish to his resume as he locked in a tight guillotine choke on Chris Chapman (now 3-2) to force the tap in the first round.

Much like his past quick finishes, Cronkite said they’re not something he’s out there pushing for, but they just keep coming to him.

“I guess it’s just all the training; you see an opening and you take it,” said Cronkite in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I got the win, luckily. I’d rather be lucky than good, so it pays off again.”

With his undefeated record and first round finish pedigree, it may become increasingly difficult for Cronkite to secure fights.

As far as future opponents goes, Cronkite said he’s not one to make a big call out.

“I don’t call anyone out. My philosophy is martial arts is about respect and sportsmanship, so all the trash talking and callouts I want nothing to do with that,” said Cronkite.

“I like guys like GSP and Wonderboy, that’s kind of my attitude towards it.”

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