Devon Brock credits recent success to a changed mindset heading into Unified MMA 47 co-main event matchup with Tom O’Connor

Devon Brock
Devon Brock (Credit: Fury FC)

2022 is set to close with a bang as Unified MMA heads to the Genesis Centre in Calgary, Alta. for Unified MMA 47 on Friday night.

Californian Devon Brock (10-5) will make his way up north and into the cold for the first time as he takes on Lethbridge Alta.’s Tom O’Connor (10-2) in a lightweight showdown.

“I gotta be honest I was super excited until I heard the warmest it was gonna be was like six degrees (Fahrenheit). What the heck is that, man,” Brock said in an interview with MMA Empire.

“When I checked a week or two ago it seemed like it wasn’t bad out there, but then this week I was like oh no. I’m a spoiled Cali boy. I went and bought a winter jacket, but I didn’t own one before this fight, not at all.”

Brock has been on quite the roll since starting his professional career at 4-4 and he’ll be looking to bring the heat up to Canada. Winning six of his last seven, he’s aiming for his fourth straight victory on Friday night.

“Changing my mindset has been the biggest difference-maker. I had to find out that it was bigger than the physical aspects,” Brock explained.

“I had to look at it differently. I know I’ll be in shape and not get tired, so that’s not the most important thing. It’s always the mental mistakes whenever I’ve lost. I gotta keep my head clear and not let things outside the cage affect me like they have in the past.”

Brock has done his homework on his upcoming opponent, O’Connor, and looks forward to the opportunity to test himself against his foe’s grappling-heavy attack.

“I’ve definitely seen him fight; he’s different. He’s successful in his own way, he has a different kind of fighting style, a little bit unorthodox if you ask me,” Brock said.

“When I look at it, he likes to wrestle. But with his striking, he seems to throw different types of things you don’t expect. Me and some of my friends out here we call it ratchet. In one of his last fights he did this little jump spin and it didn’t really land that good and it was like why the hell did he do that. It works for him though.”

Although the majority of Brock’s wins have come from finding success on the feet, he still has a lot of confidence in his grappling and ability to keep the fight where he wants it.

“It’s highly expected that he’ll be trying to take things to the ground, but who knows, maybe I’ll take it there too,” Brock said.

“On paper, I’ve been submitted twice, but once to a black belt and the other one was in my second pro fight. I don’t get taken down easily at all and if I do, I’m not down for long. The ground is not a problem for me. I just haven’t had a chance to show all my skills there.”

Brock is always looking to put on a show-stopping performance, no matter where the fight takes place or who’s watching.

He’ll have the opportunity to impress and potentially gain some new fans Friday night on UFC Fight Pass.

“I’m always the underdog. I might change my name to The Spoiler,” Brock said.

“It doesn’t matter to me where I fight, someone is always expecting me to lose, so I love proving people wrong. I always focus on myself. They gotta stop me, I don’t have to stop them. I’m looking to put on a great performance, come out victorious and eventually catch the eye of the big promotions.”

Brock’s shoutouts

“All my family, friends, coaches and teammates. And then shoutout to my brand: Built 2 Win.” Follow Brock on social media: INSTAGRAM

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