After watching Dejan Kajic’s past fights, JC Llamas is confident he will leave BFL 74 as champion

JC Llamas
Credit: Tachi Palace Fights

JC Llamas is excited to finally fight again.

Due to the pandemic and canceled fights, Llamas (9-7) hasn’t competed since Sept. 2021 and his last fight was a bare-knuckle boxing fight. Yet, he has been training the entire time and when he got the call to face Dejan Kajic (14-7-2) in the main event of BFL 74 for the BFL super welterweight title, he immediately accepted it.

“I had a lot of fights booked, including one for another world title, but my opponent chickened out like two weeks before,” Llamas said to MMA Empire.

“It’s just been a lot of opponents pulling out with such short notice that they can’t get me a new opponent and then the pandemic I hadn’t been fighting, but I have been training.”

Although Llamas didn’t know who Kajic was when he got the offer, he says he either wants to fight in big promotions or fight for a belt, which he gets to do.

“Most of the people I fight are elite fighters, so I’m fighting them in promotions like Bellator, Combate, BKFC, or I’m doing this and fighting for a world title,” Llamas said.

“I don’t want to fight anyone that is an easy fight or an easy win. I’m always looking for the toughest challenges.”

After watching some of Kajic’s fights, Llamas has gotten more confident that he will leave as a BFL champion.

The 37-year-old American believes he can strike with the champion, but the more likely path to winning is to submit Kajic with his patented leg lock.

“I can win by striking or I can submit him. I’m very well-rounded and I know I can catch a leg and take it home with me and become the champ that way,” Llamas said.

“If he wants to box, we can box. If he wants to grapple, he’s 100 per cent getting submitted. So, it’s up to him but I’m very confident I will win this fight.”

Should Llamas get the win and become the champ, he says it will be a feather in his cap. It will also mean more down the line as he says he only has three or four years left of fighting anyway.

“I think I will stay fighting for three or four more years, so I want to be active. But, I do music, I’m a writer, I act, I own gyms and teach seminars, so I am very busy and training for fights takes a lot of time for me, which is why I only will do this for three or four more years,” Llamas concluded.

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