Josh LeBlanc made big changes and sacrifices ahead of FLA 5 bout with Luc De Ste Croix

Josh LeBlanc
Josh LeBlanc after his victory at FLA 4. (Credit: Fight League Atlantic)

Josh LeBlanc (2-1) returns on the amateur scene this week when he battles with Luc De Ste Croix (3-0) in a much-anticipated amateur lightweight matchup at FLA 5 on Saturday night.

For this camp, LeBlanc said he left his 9-5 job lifestyle to attempt to set himself up for success as a full-time mixed martial artist. He feels he has put in the work and now comes the “fun stuff.”

“I’ve put in the work and sacrifice,” LeBlanc stated in an interview with MMA Empire.

“This is the dream, the fun part of things that every fighter waits for. You’ve put in the work now it is what we’ve been waiting for. Actually, for this fight, I just left my job. I was there for about five years and was ready to dig deeper in the MMA world.”

LeBlanc felt when working he had the time to train and even enjoyed the life, but it was when in fight camp that he felt the most drained and behind that led to the full-time MMA decision-making.

“I had time to train, I trained a lot. It was during fight camp that I felt I had so little time. I’d get home, immediately train, then meal prep, more training and it is time for bed, do it all again tomorrow lifestyle,” LeBlanc said.

“I feel this allows me to train as much as I want. I always felt a little behind because of my job. Now I can train to that extra degree.”

Now coming up on his fourth amateur bout, LeBlanc said he’s in no rush to capture that first professional bout.

He knows it will come in the future, but feels no pressure for it to be in the immediate future. He said he’s calm and strategic with his current position, and knows the next step doesn’t need to be tomorrow.

“I imagine at least two or three more amateur fights,” LeBlanc said.

“The amateur gives you the best opportunity to see what fighter you are. Professionally, the record sticks with you forever. In amateur you can take calculated risks and figure it out. I am learning how to weight cut, what weight is best for me, ironing out the details so that when I am a pro I am more than ready.”

When it comes to his opponent on Saturday night, LeBlanc has had the name De Ste Croix in his head for a little while now, knowing he was meant to be a future opponent.

As part of those calculated risks in the amateur ranks, LeBlanc wants to fight other top-notch, talented fighters.

“I’ve been watching him for a few years. One of those names in the back of my head I figured I’d be fighting. I sat front row to watch him vs. Jesse Heartz knowing I’d be fighting one of them, Jesse went pro. I want to improve my skills to become the best. Him being a grappler, it has forced me to bring my grappling to a higher level,” said LeBlanc.

“In the end, I am looking to beat him in every aspect. I’m going up against him, but really going against me. Nothing personal against him, I’m going in there to be the best version of myself. We will see who walks out with the win.”

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