Justin Condie looking to keep 2021 momentum rolling at Peak Fighting 8

Justin Condie
Justin Condie following his win at Prospect FC 12. (Credit: Prospect FC)

It’s only the second month of 2021 and Justin Condie is already in search of his second win of the year.

On Saturday night, in the co-main event slot of Peak Fighting 8, Mattawa, Ontario’s Condie (3-0) and Texas’ Christopher Miller (2-3) will each look to claim their spot on the throne in a 160-pound catchweight affair in Little Rock, Ark.

After a slow 2020, Condie, 31, is looking to gather some momentum with this matchup. Less than one month ago at Peak Fighting’s last event, his hand was raised with a quick first round win over Daniel Staggs.

2021 is already shaping up to be a much better year for Condie and his team, and much of that can be attributed to a move south of the border.

“Texas has been a good time, we’ve definitely enjoyed the switch-up coming down here,” Condie said in an interview with MMA Empire.

“Genesis MMA has opened their arms up to the team. It’s all good vibes and we’re happy to be training and working hard.” 

With less restrictions on training and competing in certain states in the U.S., many Canadian fighters have been flocking to American gyms and promotions.

The only other option is to sit around and wait, and that’s something Condie wasn’t willing to do any longer. 

“There’s no way to tell what’s going on with Canada right now. All the events that have been planned get cancelled. The way we look at it, we’re going to take the candy in front of us and not the candy that’s promised to us.” Condie said.

“We only have so much opportunity and I just spent a whole year on the bench with promises that didn’t come through. We’re looking to take the fights that are concrete right now and who knows what’s in the future. I’m ready to go, I’m back in shape and I have no plans of slowing down.”

Being undefeated as a professional is quite the contrast from Condie’s 1-5 amateur career, which seems like a lifetime ago for the fighter who has continued to improve leaps and bounds as a martial artist. What’s been the biggest change?

“I think just taking the game more seriously and actually becoming a mixed martial artist,” Condie said.

“My amateur career I was basically just a striker and had very little knowledge on the ground. I was also a bit egotistical. I thought I’d go in there and just kind of punch guys and the fight would be over, but unfortunately I had to be humbled. I then took the time to actually immerse myself in jiu-jitsu and learn wrestling. I put myself out there to grow as a martial artist. Now that I have a more well-rounded game, I feel more comfortable being able to throw things without the concern of being on the ground. It’s just a different mindset now that I’m able to take the fight anywhere.”

In this fight, Condie’s fourth as a pro, he’s expecting a lot more resistance than his last time out and he’s excited to showcase everything he’s been working on. 

Despite having a losing record, Miller has been competitive in every fight and Condie is fully aware of the dangers he can present with his 6’2″ frame at lightweight. Whether or not the fight lasts long, he definitely thinks it’ll be entertaining.

“I feel like I can beat him anywhere the fight goes. I think I have far better striking and if I take to the ground, I can finish him there too. He’s definitely going to come to fight, he’s a lot scrappier than the last guy I just fought,” Condie said.

“I’m just going to follow my usual game plans. I like to keep a tight shell and anytime he exposes himself to me he’s going to be met with something, and it’s going to make him think twice next time. It’s definitely a fight I’m looking forward to, I think we can put on a show for the fans.”

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