Luc De Ste Croix feels superior to Josh LeBlanc in all areas heading into FLA 5, says professional debut on the horizon

Luc De Ste Croix
Luc De Ste Croix gets his hand raised after defeating Jesse Heartz at FLA 3. (Credit: Fight League Atlantic)

Nova Scotia’s Luc De Ste Croix (3-0)┬áis undefeated as an amateur in the sport of mixed martial arts and on Saturday night at FLA 5 he looks to continue to test his young skills and maintain his unblemished resume in an amateur lightweight contest with Josh LeBlanc (2-1).

De Ste Croix, 23, is coming off a major submission win over now-professional Jesse Heartz at FLA 3. Fighting under the Fight League Atlantic banner once again, De Ste Croix said while LeBlanc is a worthy opponent, he feels he’s better in all areas.

“Josh LeBlanc is a great fighter,” De Ste Croix told MMA Empire.

“I’ve seen him fight a few times now, he is very game. I’m just better. I’m going to prove that I am better in every aspect. I’ve put in the work, man. This fight feels like it is years in the making, years of work for me.”

As fight night fast-approaches, De Ste Croix said he feels confident and comfortable in the days leading up to the walk to the cage.

“It feels the same as always,” De Ste Croix stated.

“It is always sort of a roller coaster ride. The worst part is waiting for the actual fight. Once you make that walk, the feelings all come back, how surreal it all is to be doing this.”

When asked about the pressure of the situation, being young and eyeing the professional game, De Ste Croix said he’s in no rush to turn to the professional side of things, for all the right reasons.

He believes his head coach, Scott Maclean, has all of the best interests in mind.

“The pro game isn’t very far away for me,” De Ste Croix said.

“I want to collect some amateur belts first, a few of them. I am not looking for a 10-fight amateur career but do feel these fights are important for my career. I talk about it with my coach, I’m kind of like his science project, he is the evil genius. When it comes to coaching, everyone wants the shiny new toy, I’ll take [Scott’s] old man boxing coach feel all day. I hope he takes that the right way.”

Although the fans are noticing and the name carries weight in the regional scene, De Ste Croix isn’t worried about pressure. At the end of the day, this is what he loves to do.

“Always a little pressure, but good pressure, anxious pressure,” De Ste Croix stated.

“In the cage, nothing but fighting matters. That and getting my hand raised. Whether it is a finish, decision, submission, that is what I’m doing this weekend.”

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