Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz living in the moment, knows his time is coming heading into LFA 130 main event

Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz
Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz in action at Unified MMA 42. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

Former Dana White Contender Series standout Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz is ready to step back into the cage this weekend.

At LFA 130, Winnipeg, Man.’s Ksiazkiewicz (9-1) will headline the card in a middleweight contest against Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist Alessandro Gambulino (12-3), also making his LFA debut. The Brazilian is a winner of three straight, two via submission in the early rounds.

Ksiazkiewicz, 32, said he isn’t too worried when it comes to what Gambulino is bringing to the table, especially in terms of all around style.

“He is a black belt, I think a six-year black belt. It isn’t a secret,” Ksiazkiewicz said in an interview with MMA Empire.

“Look at him fight; if it isn’t a BJJ type fight, he doesn’t bring much else with him. I’m big for the weight class; I knocked out a top 205er my last fight. He is small for for the weight class. I respect him and his BJJ skills, but he better hope this goes to the ground early or it’ll be a quick night for him. He doesn’t want any part of striking with me.”

As for the future, the new LFA product isn’t worried about when the call may come for a UFC call up.

Ksiazkiewicz has been on the UFC’s radar for awhile now and said it’s only a matter of time before his time comes.

“I mean, I’m not sure what they are looking for to be honest,” Ksiazkiewicz stated.

“I felt I was ready for that call after last fight. I don’t know, can’t dwell on it honestly. The call will come when it comes; it is coming. Until then, I’ll focus on winning as many fights as I can until it comes.”

Although with a new and notable promotion, he feels it is more of the same when it comes to what is needed for the upcoming bout.

The “Iron Pol” will be fighting under the LFA banner (Legacy Fighting Alliance), a feeding frenzy promotion for signing UFC talent. Ksiazkiewicz shared with MMA Empire this is a three-fight deal with LFA.

“My management has a great relationship with LFA. It is not exclusive, I can fight elsewhere regionally if I don’t have an upcoming fight with LFA. It is a long time coming. I feel I’ve been in talk with LFA for awhile at this point,” he said.

“It is special, you know, LFA is a big-time promotion and will help me improve to the next step in the near future. To be headlining is what is truly special.”

Ksiazkiewicz previously fought in Dec. 2021, a mere five months ago. In the pandemic-riddled years we are enduring, fighting twice in half a year is a sense of normalcy a lot of fighters haven’t tasted in the regional scene for quite some time.

“It is normal. It feels almost weird to be doing it,” Ksiazkiewicz said.

“It has been a lot of training for the last few years. Almost everyone is a different fighter than they were two years ago. It feels normal; I’m happy to compete as much as possible and this allows that to happen.”

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