Neal Anderson expects fan-friendly fight with Lucas Neufeld at Unified MMA 43

A massive featherweight bout for Canadian MMA goes down Friday night.

Edmonton, Alta.’s Neal Anderson (10-4) tests skills with Lucas Neufeld (6-1) at Unified MMA 43, which takes place on March 4 at the River Cree Resort and Casino in Enoch, Alta.

Anderson, 34, is preparing for Neufeld at Shaved Bears MMA and Little Sweatshop, a regular space that continually offers up a myriad of physiques, styles, and some of the best MMA talent in the entire country.

Anderson was previously scheduled to fight Neufeld at Unified MMA 40, but the August bout fell out due to a Neufeld injury.

The familiarization with Neufeld has been there, to a degree, for a little while now, but the deeper tape studying has taken place as the camp has gotten deeper for this rebooking.

“I think I watched his last fight when I thought I was fighting him last. Then I watched it again the other night and one of his older fights. So yeah, I just got caught up with what he does. He┬ádefinitely comes to fight, definitely not afraid to get after it. I think one of the fights, or maybe both his fights, I watched the other night he just sprints right to the center of the cage as soon as the bell rings and starts throwing spinning kicks and stuff,” said Anderson in an interview with MMA Empire.

“They call him The Wild Thing. He does some wild stuff, so if you’re fighting a guy like that, I don’t think it will be a boring fight. Based on the way he fights and how my fights usually go, I think the fans will be in for a pretty entertaining fight.”

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