Ramil Kamilov not looking past the ‘tough fight’ ahead of him with Kris Allard at Absolute MMA 1

Ramil Kamilov is in a position many fighters dream of.

Calgary, Alta.’s Kamilov (2-0) will headline Absolute MMA 1 in front of his hometown crowd Saturday night when he takes on Kris Allard (2-3) in a lightweight contest.

Kamilov, 24, is coming in prepared as ever, getting in work with Anthony Pettis technique-wise and on the management end of things.

While his opponent, Allard, hasn’t competed in over two years, Kamilov said he’s prepared for a much tougher fight than what appears on paper.

“You can be fighting a guy that’s like 1-1, 2-1 out here type of deal but if that same guy was in the U.S., he would be the same level as a dude who has a lot more fights. As far as Kris Allard goes, he has got a few losses, but all of those were to really good guys. He lost to a 4-0 striker, undefeated prospect and he lost to Adam De Freitas. Again, that guy has got a bad record but that guy is a black belt and I believe he’s got professional boxing experience,” said Kamilov in an interview with MMA Empire.

“So really he seems like an easy fight, but when taking that fight I was like man, it’s not the type of fight you just run through. It’s not the type of fight that looks tough on paper but it’s easy in the cage. He’s the exact opposite of that. He may look easy on paper, but that guy’s definitely a tough fight, man. Preparing with everything I’ve got. As always, going with the toughest sparring partners, doing the toughest work I can possibly do, doing everything and more that I can possibly do to prepare for this guy. On June 25, I’ll be ready.”

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