UFC on ESPN 37: Kattar vs. Emmett main card staff predictions

Will Calvin Kattar end the winning streak of Josh Emmett? Can Joaquin Buckley halt the hype of Albert Duraev? The predictions from the MMA Empire team, along with our guest picker, can be found below for the six-fight main card.

Our guest picker for this event is Canadian bantamweight prospect Devon Lozej (1-1). After an undefeated amateur career, Lozej took his first loss in his professional debut. He went on to rebound in spectacular fashion in his next outing, earning the submission win for his first professional victory.

2022 standings thru UFC 275

1. Jason Hagholm (67-34) N/A in 2021

2. Cody Rempel (66-35) 134-87-3 in 2021

T3. Kylan Knowler (65-36) 128-93-3 in 2021

T3. Cole Shelton (65-36) 138-83-3 in 2021 *Champion

T3. Cooper Riehl (65-36) 136-85-3 in 2021

6. Joe McDonagh (63-38) 122-99-3 in 2021

7. Dylan Bowker (62-39) 113-108-3 in 2021

8. Joel Griffith (61-40) 135-86-3 in 2021

9. Guest picker (54-47) 115-106-3 in 2021

Calvin Kattar vs. Josh Emmett

Jason Hagholm: Calvin Kattar via TKO.

Cody Rempel: Calvin Kattar via decision.

Kylan Knowler: Calvin Kattar via TKO.

Cole Shelton: Calvin Kattar via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Calvin Kattar via decision.

Joe McDonagh: Calvin Kattar via decision.

Dylan Bowker: Josh Emmett via decision.

Joel Griffith: Calvin Kattar via decision.

Devon Lozej: Calvin Kattar via decision.

Picks – Calvin Kattar: 8, Josh Emmett: 1

Donald Cerrone vs. Joe Lauzon

Jason Hagholm: Joe Lauzon via submission.

Cody Rempel: Donald Cerrone via TKO.

Kylan Knowler: Donald Cerrone via submission.

Cole Shelton: Joe Lauzon via TKO.

Cooper Riehl: Donald Cerrone via TKO.

Joe McDonagh: Donald Cerrone via knockout.

Dylan Bowker: Joe Lauzon via decision.

Joel Griffith: Donald Cerrone via TKO.

Devon Lozej: Donald Cerrone via decision.

Picks – Donald Cerrone: 6, Joe Lauzon: 3

Tim Means vs. Kevin Holland

Jason Hagholm: Kevin Holland via decision.

Cody Rempel: Kevin Holland via TKO.

Kylan Knowler: Kevin Holland via knockout.

Cole Shelton: Kevin Holland via TKO.

Cooper Riehl: Kevin Holland via TKO.

Joe McDonagh: Kevin Holland via decision.

Dylan Bowker: Kevin Holland via TKO.

Joel Griffith: Kevin Holland via decision.

Devon Lozej: Kevin Holland via TKO.

Picks – Tim Means: 0, Kevin Holland: 9

Joaquin Buckley vs. Albert Duraev

Jason Hagholm: Albert Duraev via decision.

Cody Rempel: Albert Duraev via decision.

Kylan Knowler: Joaquin Buckley via decision.

Cole Shelton: Albert Duraev via TKO.

Cooper Riehl: Albert Duraev via submission.

Joe McDonagh: Joaquin Buckley via knockout.

Dylan Bowker: Albert Duraev via decision.

Joel Griffith: Albert Duraev via submission.

Devon Lozej: Albert Duraev via decision.

Picks – Joaquin Buckley: 2, Albert Duraev: 7

Damir Ismagulov vs. Guram Kutateladze

Jason Hagholm: Guram Kutateladze via decision.

Cody Rempel: Guram Kutateladze via decision.

Kylan Knowler: Guram Kutateladze via TKO.

Cole Shelton: Damir Ismagulov via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Guram Kutateladze via decision.

Joe McDonagh: Damir Ismagulov via decision.

Dylan Bowker: Damir Ismagulov via decision.

Joel Griffith: Damir Ismagulov via decision.

Devon Lozej: Guram Kutateladze via TKO.

Picks – Damir Ismagulov: 4, Guram Kutateladze: 5

Julian Marquez vs. Gregory Rodrigues

Jason Hagholm: Gregory Rodrigues via TKO.

Cody Rempel: Julian Marquez via TKO.

Kylan Knowler: Gregory Rodrigues via TKO.

Cole Shelton: Julian Marquez via decision.

Cooper Riehl: Gregory Rodrigues via TKO.

Joe McDonagh: Gregory Rodrigues via decision.

Dylan Bowker: Julian Marquez via TKO.

Joel Griffith: Gregory Rodrigues via submission.

Devon Lozej: Julian Marquez via TKO.

Picks – Julian Marquez: 4, Gregory Rodrigues: 5