Samuel Giguere expects pandemic training to pay off at Trophee des Etoiles 15

Samuel Giguere
Samuel Giguere at BTC 8. (Credit: Patrick Kanada/BTC Fight Promotions)

Canada’s Samuel Giguere (0-3) takes on France’s Islam Taisumov (2-0) on Friday at Trophee des Etoiles 15. The featherweight fight emanates from Arena Du Pays D’Aix in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Giguere’s last outing was fighting Cody Kent at BTC 8 in Nov. 2019. Though he was able to get out of tough positions and go the distance, there was a lot of trying circumstances at play with that prizefight.

“To be honest, that fight it’s kind of a pain for me because I just got through a lot of things during my fighting camp. And it was a really tough camp. I had one of my best friends pass away the week before the fight and I said okay, I’m just going through it then. I’ll fight, I’ll fight him,” said Giguere in an interview with MMA Empire.

“It doesn’t turn out really well in the end. I’m glad I made it, but I could do a better job against Cody. Cody deserved the win because he worked really hard, but I wish I could go back and fight him again.”

Those unfortunate personal happenings informed the performance whereby he said he felt a second later off of every shot.

In the nineteen months subsequently, Giguere, 32, sharpened his tools all through the pandemic with weaponizing pace being a big focus. Upping the cardio has been his most pronounced area of growth in Giguere’s estimation.

Despite minimal footage being available online, Giguere was still able to draft up a bit of a blueprint on Taisumov leading into this bout.

“I managed to find some video of him training and some of his fights. There is not much of stuff I found on the internet about him, but from what I see and from what I’ve been told, this guy is a sambo-style fighter. So, pretty much, he will be fighting pretty much the same thing that I’ll try to do,” said Giguere.

“And he loves to bang. He love to get to stand up and throw punch. He has a lot of kind of weird kicks, so it will be good to fight with him, standing up with him. And if I can put a lot of pressure, put him back on the cage, I’ll try to take him down and finish him.”

Giguere decided to make the trip to France more in advance of the fight as he gets in work leading into this effort.

“I work in Prana Family in Montpellier (France). It was a gym I used to work with a long time ago with my own gym in Canada,” said Giguere.

“I’m training with them and I’m here for about a week right now. I’m training every day with those guys and they’re pretty talented at grappling. Getting in really good preparation for my fight.”

While MMA is freshly-legalized in France, the refinement of the fighters out there belies the recency of that legalization.

“It’s kind of new, but the French people, they’re always training, tons of sorts of martial arts. They are really on point on stuff like the gym where I train. The guys in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, they’re awesome. There is a lot of skilled fighters right there,” said Giguere.

“And I think it was something they can’t wait (for), MMA to be legalized in their country. That’s a relief for them, I believe, and now they’re all excited to make some advances and stuff like that.”

While it’s always a plus to have grassroots MMA growth in newer parts of the world, there is a small downside in not having broader online broadcast options for this particular card.

“It’s just the thing that bummed me out a little bit, the show won’t be streamed on the internet, so I think they’re beginning something somewhere,” said Giguere.

“So, the only news you’re going to have will be writing stuff, Facebook stuff, and then Instagram. I’m fine with that, but I would love to get a video of my fight going out on the internet.”

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