Yohan Lainesse plans to win welterweight title at CFFC 98, dreams of UFC shot in near future

Yohan Lainesse
Yohan Lainesse (Credit: Cage Fury Fighting Championships)

Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) is in for quite the main event this weekend.

Undefeated Canadian Yohan Lainesse (6-0) battles with current welterweight champion Evan Cutts (12-4) for not only the title, but the chance to showcase they are ready for the call up. The CFFC 98 main event showdown takes place Saturday night in Philadelphia, Pa.

“This is not only about my career, it is all about the sacrifices I’ve made in my life the things I threw away for this sport, to chase the dream of this sport,” Lainesse said in an interview with MMA Empire.

“This fight is very exciting. A win over Evan Cutts means a lot for me. To win the title is special, but this is about a lot more.”

Cutts won the title back in April via a split decision over previous champion Bassil Hafez at CFFC 94.

Lainesse, 28, is impressed with his performances and predicts Cutts will look to take him into the fourth or fifth round.

“He is a very good fighter. He fights slowly, a good pace, but he is patient is what I mean. He is the champion for a reason,” Lainesse said.

“I’m pretty sure he knows my power, so I think he wants this one to go the distance and take it to the ground. I never get taken down, I’m very confident in my grappling and jiu-jitsu.”

Lainesse knows a win over Cutts doesn’t promise a shot in the big leagues, but it certainly is a big push in the correct direction for either fighter.

Becoming a champion in one of the top regional promotions is a must when chasing the UFC dream. If everything goes to plan, the UFC is the dream for the Canadian powerhouse.

“The UFC has always been the thing I am chasing,” Lainesse said.

“I think this fight could do that for me, but I am ready to defend my belt if I don’t get that call. If the UFC calls me, I will show up. I do think all champions should defend their title, so I want to defend, but the UFC is the dream.”

Out of his six professional wins, four have come by way of knockout for Lainesse, including a highlight-reel flying knee.

Lainesse is expecting to add to that knockout total when all is said and done Saturday night.

“I think of Evan Cutts in the morning, in the night, all day. I won’t knock him out in the first, he is tough, but this won’t go past three rounds.”

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