Islam Taisumov honoured for opportunity to fight in France at Trophee des Etoiles 15

Islam Taisumov
Islam Taisumov (Credit: Palomar/Gladiator Fighting Arena)

France’s Islam Taisumov (2-0) will test his skills with Canada’s Samuel Giguere (0-3) on Friday at Trophee des Etoiles 15 in a featherweight bout emanating from Arena Du Pays D’Aix in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Taisumov is a 22-year-old fighter who was born in Chechnya, but trains out of Southern France.

Fighting in France is an opportunity that is significant for Taisumov, especially considering the sport is still freshly-legalized in the country.

“You know, it’s an honour for me to fight in front of a French public and for my next fight into July I will do anything to not disappoint them. And inshallah I will win this fight in July at the Arena Du Pays D’Aix in Aix-en-Provence,” said Taisumov in an interview with MMA Empire.

When offering up his thoughts on Giguere, he interjected a dose of realism to the situation by referencing an acclaimed action film.

“First, I want to say I respect everyone in the sport. In the sport, I respect everyone. For Samuel, I want to say to you good luck for this war, bro,” said Taisumov.

“And just I want to say you know, John Wick is avenge his dog yes, but it’s in the film. And brother, here is not a film. It’s a war, brother. It’s MMA you know, it’s not a film. I think you are ready for this fight and me too. I’m ready for this fight.”

Taisumov sharpens his tools under the mentorship of the his gym’s namesake and also has a seemingly endless roster of sparring partners.

“I train with my coaches…Serge Eloffe. About sparring partners, I don’t have a special partner. I train with everybody and in the gym I train with everybody. I don’t have special sparring partners,” said Taisumov.

Taisumov has been on a notable hiatus extending back to March 2019.

There is much he wants to showcase since his sub-one minute triangle choke over Steven Dupont, but Trophee des Etoiles 15 will be the grand reveal of this next permutation of Taisumov.

“So you will see that in my next fight, inshallah. That’s a surprise. Surprise surprise.”

Taisumov’s Shoutouts

“Just big up to all French and Chechnya fighters. Thank you very much MMA Empire for this interview. Thank you very much. Good luck.” Follow Taisumov on social media: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM