‘Unified King’ Shane Campbell hopes to earn UFC deal with stoppage win over Darren Smith Jr. to become champ-champ at Unified MMA 48

Shane Campbell
Shane Campbell in action at Unified MMA 42. (Photo by Joel Griffith/MMA Empire)

Shane Campbell is excited to be fighting close to home as Unified MMA heads to Toronto, Ont. on Friday night for Unified MMA 48.

Campbell (20-8) was set to headline the card against UFC veteran Alex White for the super lightweight title. Yet, White, unfortunately, had to pull out due to an injury and was replaced with Darren Smith Jr. (22-12), yet Campbell was disappointed he was not going to face White.

“That was going to be the fight to put me back in the conversation to get signed to these big promotions. The streak I’m on, like I did beat a UFC vet in my last fight, but he didn’t have a win in the UFC,” Campbell said to MMA Empire.

“A win over Alex White would’ve been huge. If you look at the guys he fought and beat in the UFC, I think it would have for sure got me signed. But I’m just happy they got me an opponent and I can fight.”

Although Campbell will not get the chance to fight a UFC veteran, he is excited to fight close to home and try and become a champ-champ in Unified MMA.

He’s dubbing himself the Unified King as he’s undefeated in the promotion and believes holding belts in two weight classes will prove that.

“I’m the Unified king. I’m 10-0 in the promotion. It was either defend my lightweight belt or fight for this new belt and become a champ-champ. It’s an easier cut for me, so that’s nice,” Campbell said.

“At the same time, whatever Unified wants to offer me is fine as I know it is hard to get me fights, so having the belt attached is usually how they attract them.”

Even though Campbell isn’t too familiar with Smith Jr., he is confident he will get his hand raised, and likely so by stoppage.

If Campbell does go out there and finish Smith Jr. to become a champ-champ, he expects his next fight to be back in the UFC.

“I had never heard of his name until I got offered him,” Campbell said.

“I’ve watched a couple of fights of his, but I’m confident in my skills and I know I can beat him. I always go out there for the finish. I think I need to stop this guy to make the statement I want and prove I’m ready to get signed to the UFC again. If I go out there and get a highlight-reel finish, I think that will get me signed to a big promotion again. I do think the two short-notice losses in Russia have held me back a few years, but this win should get me signed.”

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