Teshay Gouthro looking to silence Chris Disonell in devastating fashion in Cage Wars main event

Teshay Gouthro, a bantamweight prospect on the rise, returns to action this weekend.

Gouthro (5-1) takes on Chris Disonell (6-5) in the bantamweight main event of Cage Wars: Mike Tyson’s Fight Night on Saturday night in Albany, N.Y.

As does happen in the fight game, there is some bad blood boiling between Gouthro and Disonell ahead of Saturday night’s clash as the two got into a heated exchange on Instagram.

“Well, he started it. He tagged me and my gym in a story on Instagram. I replied back saying you’re trying to talk s**t and he (Disonell) replied back saying I’m not talking s**t, it’s facts. I was like okay and I put laughing faces and then Disonell wanted to continue talking s**t. But I’m like I really don’t care if it’s over messenger, it really doesn’t do anything for me. I talk s**t for the fans and for the exposure. I don’t really care; it’s not personal for me, it’s a business,” said Gouthro in an interview with MMA Empire.

“Disonell just kept going off and I was just hitting him with one-liners, blowing him kisses just to see if he was emotional, and he is. He is the one messaging me nine times and I didn’t even look at them. But then he got personal and started talking s**t about my family. I’m like okay, so you want to play that, and I just left it. It’s not personal, it’s still business. I’m still going to have fun with a smile on my face, but now when I have him in a bad position and I’m smashing his face in I’m going to talk to him. I talk to all my opponents, but this time it’s going to be different. I’m going to whisper something to him and let him know.”

Gouthro, a native of the Niagara region, is another disciple of the red-hot Niagara Top Team.

Gouthro, 27, is coming off an impressive win over Efren Escareno back at CFFC 109 in May. In that fight, Gouthro landed a big flying knee that will be one for the highlight reels this year but had to keep pushing and picked up a unanimous decision victory.

“It was good man, he was f**ing tough. I went through some adversity; he put me in some bad positions. It was good to figure it out and I really needed that test to push myself and come to terms that I am as good as I know I am, and especially against a durable opponent. That boy was tough. He took that knee, stood up and started throwing punches after that. I was like he’s not going away easy,” said Gouthro.

“It was a good test. I still feel like I dominated every round. Adversity in the rounds, but that was good. It was a good fight, big stage, I got a lot of publicity out there. The eyes are on me now and I’m going to put this guy away with a highlight.”

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